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Your email address is your online identity

You wouldn’t give your name and home address to just anyone. Companies can sell or leak your email address. Using a unique email address as a substitute for your real email adds privacy when you sign up for online services and shops.

Many addresses, one Inbox

Fastmail and 1Password have teamed up to make it easy for you to create and manage unique email addresses while signing up for services online. Masked Email addresses are private, secure and deliver conveniently to your Fastmail Inbox.

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How it works

1. Sign in to your Fastmail account.

2. Connect your Fastmail and 1Password accounts.

3. Start using Masked Email addresses across the web

Why 1Password?

1Password is the easiest way to create, store, and use strong passwords and also lets you save important documents like insurance and passports.

  • Automatically fill forms, payment details, and passwords
  • Access your passwords everywhere, on any device
  • Share logins, passwords, credit cards, and other important information
  • Get alerts about data breaches and security issues
  • Expert, one-on-one support when you need it

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Fastmail and 1Password together make it easy to get a unique Masked Email address when you need it.

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