Data Scientist

Melbourne, Australia

We’re looking for a Data Scientist to take Fastmail to the next level! You’ll work in our Melbourne CBD office, building a data reporting and visualization platform to empower the teams building the privacy-forward email service we all deserve.

About the Job

Our customer base and team are growing. We want to improve our understanding of our customers and business, while respecting our customers’ privacy. We’re looking for an experienced Data Scientist like you to join us.

This is a new role, and you will have the leeway to shape it. You’ll start by selecting a new business intelligence platform.

You’ll work with people across our teams to consolidate existing reports there. You’ll give the reports the kinds of visualizations that help get their point across. Expanding outwards, you’ll work to make key reports digestible to our larger team, and give them real-time metrics to work towards.

On an ongoing basis, your primary work will be with our product team. You’ll help us understand customer behavior and pain points, building a data-product feedback loop. You’ll help us identify and improve the experience for key behaviors for customer conversion, retention and referral.

You’ll structure reporting and data collection, including from the support team, to help direct our research and build the best customer experience we can. There’s always an interesting problem to solve!

About You

You are a seasoned data practitioner who’s ready for the opportunity to structure a new data program with thoughtful decisions from the start.

You are great at identifying the whats that reveal important whys.
You’re an ace data cruncher.
You recognize that great visualizations supercharge great data, making it accessible to others. You’re an advocate for knowledge sharing within your organization.
You’re a great listener, and use that skill to check your assumptions about what the data is saying!

You have strong analysis and interpretation skills. You’re experienced extracting and working with data, whether it’s in SQL, your preferred business reporting tool (Power BI, Qlik, Tableau, Cognos, etc) and Excel.

You have a clear understanding of why to use platforms and tools, and what tradeoffs they have. You’re comfortable making recommendations to leadership, and decisions within your area of expertise.

You move towards your desired goals in iterative steps. You know data can be messy, and that it’s better to get more eyes on preliminary data to refine your assumptions.

Fastmail is a privacy-first provider. You understand and respect privacy concerns that customers can have, are mindful of privacy impacts in data collection, and know about data deidentification and aggregation methods.

You know good writing can drive action. You have excellent written language skills, with the ability to translate data analysis into compelling narratives and recommendations that spark action.

We know you will want to expand our data collection. You’ll have access to experts across the company to help, but familiarity with JavaScript and/or Perl (or Python or similar scripting language) is considered a plus.

Working at Fastmail

If you come and work with us, you’ll be working at our office in Melbourne CBD.

Like everyone on our team, you’ll get good benefits (including 4 weeks paid parental leave), equipment, books, and whatever else you need to do your job comfortably.

Our values are core to everything we do. Our blog contains interviews with some of the people who will become your colleagues at Fastmail.

We also have an office in Philadelphia, USA, and we’re in close communication with them. Because of the time difference, this means a lot of email, a fair bit of Slack chat, and weekly morning video chats. (Also, once it’s safe to travel again, you’ll have the opportunity to travel to Philadelphia, an artsy and charming American city!)

We value people who are enthusiastic to learn and improve their skills — and we give them a professional development budget to do so. Several staff members are regular conference speakers, and are keen to help others develop the skill.

Right now, we’re all working from home. Normally, we have a strong in-person collaboration culture, as well as a standing office work-from-home day (Wednesdays). We would like someone who will be on site and part of our culture once it’s safe to hang out in person. We are partners, parents and caregivers ourselves, and we understand time-zone flexibility goes in both directions. Talk to us if you’re unsure.

We welcome all applicants regardless of race, colour, religion, age, pregnancy, gender identity or expression, disability, or sexual orientation.

About the only thing we can’t help with is visas or sponsorship. You must already have the right to work in Australia.

Sounds great, what’s next?

Email us at to introduce yourself, tell us what your preferred reporting platform is, and what excites you about the role! This job requires clear communication, so that message is part of your application, but please also be sure to include a PDF of your resume.

Job Type: Full-time
Salary: AUD$100k to $140k /year plus super.