Frontend Application Developer

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

We’re looking for a frontend application developer to join the Fastmail team in our Center City Philadelphia office.

About the Job

Together with the rest of our team, you’ll work on our email services Fastmail, Pobox, and Topicbox. When the vast majority of people get email for free, the reason people choose a paid service is because they value both privacy and a great user experience.

You’ll be working on our best-in-breed mail clients, providing super-fast, powerful access to webmail, calendars, contacts and more. You’ll work with our collaborative team of front- and back-end developers, designers and researchers. Improving our customers’ interactive experience, keeping it secure and a delight to use is what we do, every day.

Our interfaces are built in JavaScript, on our own Overture framework and the new network standard JMAP. It gives us full control from top to bottom to build the right solutions to difficult problems. If you’ve worked with other MVC application frameworks, you should find Overture easy to pick up.

You’ll have the opportunity to work at many levels:

There’s always an interesting new challenge to solve!

About You

You have a strong grasp of the problems of building client/server applications, especially at the client end, where a user interface has to stay responsive while interacting with a sometimes-wayward server. You’ve got to handle data from third parties that often doesn’t make a lot of sense, but you can’t just crash. The network isn’t reliable, latency is non-zero, and every missed data binding means one more bizarre state that the interface can enter.

You understand that development is more than just coding. It’s requirements analysis, documentation (your future self will thank you), testing, and support. You’ve participated in user testing (or would really love to add it to your skill set), and you know the best feedback you can get is seeing how real people use your work.

You strive to find root causes and apply the fix at the right level of the stack, rather than applying an ever more unmaintainable series of band-aid hacks on top. You delight in an elegant solution, especially if it makes the user’s experience faster. We take pride in the little details, and we hope you do too.

Our client is built on the Web platform, so you’ll need to have a great handle on ECMAScript, HTML, CSS, and the various security and performance issues specific to that platform.

You have excellent written language skills, strong verbal and interpersonal skills, patience, diligence, and an ability to gracefully adapt to change. You love engaging with your colleagues to find the ideal implementation solution.

Working at Fastmail

This is a full-time role. Like everyone on our team, you’ll get great benefits.

This job is based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We have a strong in-person culture and are looking for someone who will be on-site and part of that culture.

We also have an office in Melbourne, Australia, and we’re in close communication with them. This means that you’ll need to be available for an hour or two of evening calls each week. We are partners, parents and caregivers ourselves, and we understand time-zone flexibility goes in both directions. Talk to us if you’re unsure. (Also, once it’s safe to travel again, you’ll have the opportunity to travel to Melbourne, an artsy and charming Australian city!)

You can read about our values, and our blog contains interviews with some of the people who will become your colleagues at Fastmail.

We encourage employees to write and speak about the great work we do, and to stay engaged with their professional peers. Many staff members choose to attend conferences for learning and networking, and several staff members are regular conference speakers.

We welcome all applicants regardless of race, color, religion, age, pregnancy, gender identity or expression, disability, or sexual orientation. We can help you relocate to Philadelphia if needed. The thing we can’t help with is a visa or sponsorship. You must already have the right to work in the United States.

Sounds great, what’s next?

Email us at to introduce yourself and tell us why you would be a good fit for the job. Send us a resume (as a PDF, please). More importantly, though, have something else to say! Let us know what you’re interested in, what makes the job interesting, and anything else you want to tell us up front.

Job Type: Full-time