Customer Support Agent 2022

Melbourne CBD, Australia

We're looking for a Customer Support Agent to join the Fastmail team in our Melbourne office. Come work on the original social media platform—email—at a place that strives to put the customer's needs first.

Together with the rest of our team, you'll work on Fastmail, Pobox, and our newest service, Topicbox. When the vast majority of people get email for free, the reason people choose our service is that they love email, value their privacy, and appreciate access to an all-star support team. We love our customers, and we want to give them the best possible experience. That's where you come in!

About the job

This is a communication and writing position. A large part of it is interacting with current and potential customers, mostly via email with the occasional chat or phone call. Some of it is writing and maintaining web pages (customer-facing help pages, internal documentation, and occasional marketing content). Some of it is staffing social media (Twitter accounts, writing or editing blog posts). Ultimately, you share responsibility for maintaining the brand reputation through customer interaction, and for keeping our brand voice consistent across all channels.

This is also a problem-solving and research position. When a customer identifies a problem, you'll be in charge of determining the scope of it (just them? certain types of customers? everyone?), then raising the alarm for big problems, and testing and describing smaller ones.

This role is being added to fill out our global support team, providing support to customers across all time zones. You’re not alone: collaboration with your colleagues is an essential part of this role.

About you

You should have excellent written and verbal language skills, strong interpersonal skills, compassion, enthusiasm, patience, diligence, and an ability to gracefully adapt to change.

People say you really get them. That is, you're good at figuring out what people mean, even if what they say is kind of garbled. Making that connection with customers and teammates makes you good at your job. You don't mind asking questions, or explaining something twice (or three times, or four...), but you'd really like to hone one killer explanation, and use it again and again.

Maybe you've done customer service before, but you found it really frustrating because you couldn't actually do anything for people. Here, you will be empowered to help people, not give them a polite brush-off.

You like advocating for people. You live for the "a-ha!" moment.

You're good at running things down, noticing details, making logical connections, describing things carefully.

If you are new to technology or tech support and interested in acquiring more technical skills, we're interested in developing that in you. While the primary customer tools have a graphical interface, we are a UNIX-based company, so this is a good place to get beginning exposure to web design and UI, source control tools like Git, and command-line interfaces.

If you have an interest in marketing or programming, we're interested in developing that, too. Within the scope of providing the best service we can to our customers, there's lots of opportunity for expanding your skillset within the areas that interest you.

Working at Fastmail

This job is based in Melbourne CBD. We have a strong in-person culture and are looking for someone who will be on-site and part of that culture.

We also have an office in Philadelphia, USA, and we're in close communication with them. Because of the time difference, this means a fair bit of email and Slack chat, and daily video chats. The Melbourne support team operates 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. seven days a week. Occasionally you will need to be available outside of your usual schedule for a team meeting.

We encourage employees to write and speak about the great work we do, and we value people who are enthusiastic to learn and improve their skills—and we give them a conference budget to do so. Many staffers write articles on our blog, and we hope you will, too. Several staff members are regular conference speakers.

You can read about our values, and our blog contains interviews with some of the people who will become your colleagues at Fastmail.

Like everyone on our team, you'll get good benefits, equipment, books, and whatever else you need to do your job comfortably.

We see this as a full-time role with a high face-to-face communication component, so you'll spend most of your work time physically present in our Melbourne office when lockdown restrictions allow. There's flexibility in that though—we are partners, parents, and carers ourselves. Talk to us if you're unsure.

We welcome all applicants regardless of race, colour, religion, age, pregnancy, gender identity or expression, disability, or sexual orientation.

The thing we can't help with is visas or sponsorship. You must already have the right to work in Australia.

Sounds great, what's next?

Email us at to introduce yourself and tell us why you would be a good fit for the job! This job is 80% sending email, so that message is part of your application, but please also include a PDF of your resume. We'd also love to hear what you’re interested in, what makes the job interesting, and anything else you want to tell us up front.

Job Type: Full-time.

Salary: $55k to $62k /year plus super; $62k to $76k plus super for schedules that include weekend days.