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Fastmail’s Contributions to the Future of Email at the Perl Toolchain Summit

Fastmail CTO, Rik Signes, and Backend Team Lead, Matthew Horsfall, joined world-class open-source developers at the annual Perl Toolchain Summit.

Partial outage on 30 June 2023
06 Jul 2023 Advanced

A partial network outage occurred at Fastmail on June 30th, 2023. Most did not notice, but it was severe for the directly affected 3-5% of our customers.

Pros and Cons of Hosting Your Own Email

Are you considering hosting your own email? Learn more about the pros and cons from Fastmail.

All About ARC – an experimental standard for authenticating forwarded emails

As email passes through servers from sender to receiver, ARC (an experimental standard) tracks its authentication state. Read about how we use ARC at Fastmail, and how ARC can be used to benefit everyone.

Announcing Squire 2.0—Fastmail releases next generation of open-source rich text editor

We’re pleased to announce we’ve released the next version of Squire, Fastmail’s open-source text editor.

One Way Fastmail Developers Build a Creative Workplace Culture

At Fastmail, we believe in helping people live a connected and enriching life. Our workplace culture is one where everyone can contribute their diverse interests and talents, like Joe, a Fastmail developer whose Vestaboard project brings joy to our global team.

What You Can Do to Keep Your Messages Out of Spam Folders

Fastmail customers using custom domains have seen an increase in outgoing messages arriving in Gmail spam folders. Learn how to avoid this by properly setting up DKIM and SPF for your domain.

Undo Send Saves the Day When You Hit Send Too Fast

Undo send lets you cancel a sent email if you'd like to take it back immediately.

What is Cyrus? We make a significant contribution to Cyrus IMAP, the email, contacts and calendar server used by FastMail. As with any development work, it’s in our interest to quickly find bugs we’ve introduced and fix them before they get to production. As well as contributing features/code, documentation, project management and maintenance/bug fixes, we […]

JMAP Open Standard for Email Moves Forward

JMAP, a modern, open protocol that provides a better email experience, is nearly an official standard and in use by many of our customers.

The Internet Blacklist

How a mistaken listing on the Google safe browsing blacklist blocked Fastmail access for many users for a short time.

27 Jun 2018 Advanced

Yesterday the Electronic Frontier Foundation released a new website for their STARTTLS Everywhere project. The STARTTLS Everywhere project has actually been going on for a number of years, but yesterday’s reboot got a new website, new logos and a renewed marketing push, so it’s been getting a lot of press. The aim of the campaign […]