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One Way Fastmail Developers Build a Creative Workplace Culture

At Fastmail, we believe in helping people live a connected and enriching life. Our workplace culture is one where everyone can contribute their diverse interests and talents, like Joe, a Fastmail developer whose Vestaboard project brings joy to our global team.

What You Can Do to Keep Your Messages Out of Spam Folders

Fastmail customers using custom domains have seen an increase in outgoing messages arriving in Gmail spam folders. Learn how to avoid this by properly setting up DKIM and SPF for your domain.

Undo Send Saves the Day When You Hit Send Too Fast

Undo send lets you cancel a sent email if you'd like to take it back immediately.

This is the fourteenth post in the 2016 FastMail Advent Calendar. Stay tuned for another post tomorrow. What is Cyrus? If youʼve been reading our Advent series blog posts, you might have noticed we make a significant contribution to Cyrus IMAP, the email, contacts and calendar server used by FastMail. As with any development work, […]

JMAP Open Standard for Email Moves Forward

JMAP, a modern, open protocol that provides a better email experience, is nearly an official standard and in use by many of our customers.

The Internet Blacklist

How a mistaken listing on the Google safe browsing blacklist blocked Fastmail access for many users for a short time.

27 Jun 2018 Advanced

Yesterday the Electronic Frontier Foundation released a new website for their STARTTLS Everywhere project. The STARTTLS Everywhere project has actually been going on for a number of years, but yesterday’s reboot got a new website, new logos and a renewed marketing push, so it’s been getting a lot of press. The aim of the campaign […]

Monitoring Fastmail with Prometheus
21 Dec 2017 Advanced

Monitoring is a critical part of any complex system. If you’re not monitoring your system properly, you can’t be sure that it’s working the way it’s supposed to, and it’s hard to figure out what’s going on when there is a problem. For most of FastMail’s life, it’s been monitored by a set of scripts […]

18 Dec 2017 Advanced

The web platform is a steadily-evolving beast, and anyone who works on the web must pay attention to the state of things, or else be left behind. In the past couple of years, the web platform has been surging forwards with lots of nice new toys—some that make it easier for us to do our […]

12 Dec 2017 Advanced

What is Sieve? Using rules to organise your mail as it arrives is a reasonably well understood concept. What is less well known is that the engine which runs the rules is called Sieve. A sieve script consists of a number of tests which are applied to incoming mail: if a mail matches a test, […]

09 Dec 2017 Advanced

This post could have been titled: "Why SELECT ... FOR UPDATE doesn’t work on non-existent rows like you might think it does". FastMail has been a long term user of the MySQL database server, and in particular the InnoDB storage engine. InnoDB provides many core database features (ACID, transactions, row-level locking, etc). One thing that […]

24 Dec 2016 Advanced

This is the twenty fourth and final post in the 2016 FastMail Advent Calendar. Thanks for reading, and as always, thanks for using FastMail! Quick, where did this email come from and who was it sent to? From: PayPal <[email protected]> To: Rob Mueller <[email protected]> Subject: Receipt for your donation to Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. Actually, these […]