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How Fastmail Users Reclaim Their Time

Fastmail helps you reclaim your time and increase productivity. Jean Francois, an independent artist and developer, uses additional email addresses, Folders, Custom Rules, and more to organize his workflow!

Customer story: How Fastmail helps protect your digital identity

Fastmail’s upcoming Settings changes make it easier than ever to customize your workflow. Learn how Masked Emails, Aliases, and Custom Domains protect your privacy and increase productivity.

Fastmail Works for You and Your Business

Fastmail encourages you to personalize your workflow. Jemma uses folders and rules to organize her inbox and reclaim her time.

Prioritize, Organize, Customize: Fastmail Lets You Do it All

Fastmail is email that prioritizes you. Learn more about how Nathanaël uses our custom productivity features to keep his workflow organized.

Making Email Work for You with Fastmail

Fastmail is email that works for you. See how Fastmail’s robust productivity features power Brandi's workflow.

02 Mar 2017 Customer Stories

Welcome to our first Customer Story video for 2017 featuring CoinJar Co-Founder and CEO Asher Tan. CoinJar is Australia’s largest Bitcoin exchange and wallet, and it was while participating in a startup accelerator program that Asher had the idea for creating an easier way to buy, sell and spend the digital currency Bitcoin. “We had […]

FastMail Customer Stories
08 Dec 2016 Customer Stories

Behind the scenes on the Buildkite shoot We know that for many businesses, email is still one of the most important tools they have. And this got us thinking more about how our customers use and rely on FastMail to run their own businesses, planting the seed for our FastMail Customer Stories videos. The idea […]

25 May 2016 Customer Stories

Earlier in the year we presented our very first customer story, featuring the New Palm Court Orchestra. We’re now excited to bring you our next customer story which features Buildkite Co-Founder, Keith Pitt and his team. Buildkite is a growing Melbourne-based software company that has developed a QA automation testing tool, helping businesses make sure […]

15 Feb 2016 Customer Stories

Today’s blog post is something a little bit different, however we’re sure you’re going to like it. We’re excited to present our very first FastMail customer story video and begin with the New Palm Court Orchestra. The New Palm Court Orchestra was formed in 2011 by Australian pianist/composer Gemma Turvey, bringing together some of Melbourne’s […]

07 Dec 2015 Customer Stories

This is the seventh post in the FastMail 2015 Advent Calendar. Stay tuned for another post tomorrow. The year was 2004. Facebook had barely launched, Twitter didn’t exist and I thought that my Nokia 3310 would pretty much be the pinnacle of mobile phone technology. During this time I didn’t have a home computer so […]