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Fastmail Joins the Call to Ban Surveillance-Based Advertising

Surveillance-based advertising is everywhere on the internet. It's bad for consumers, it erodes trust in businesses, and Fastmail believes it should be banned.

Fastmail Signups Blocked in Russia, Here’s What We Know

Fastmail is the latest email provider to be blocked by Russia.

Moving Our Privacy Advocacy Forward to Protect Australia and You

Protecting your privacy is part of our commitment to you, so we speak out when we see it challenged.

Advocating for Privacy in Australia

Learn about the new Access and Assistance Bill (AABill) in Australia including what it means for services using encryption, our criticisms of the law as written, and why our service is not affected.

Australian Privacy Laws

The past few years have seen a dramatic increase in public awareness of how their data is being used (or misused) by companies they had trusted. What impact does the draft Australian Assistance and Access legislation mean for Fastmail customers?

24 May 2018 Legal & Policy

The European Union and the United Kingdom have been leaders in writing regulations to protect something we've long known you value – your personal information and privacy. We talked about the basics of GDPR protection last month; now it's time to talk about what's changing.

What  personal data means and how  companies use it
24 Apr 2018 Legal & Policy

Following on from December’s blog post our executive team has been hard at work for the past few months making preparations for the upcoming GDPR. Current customers, no matter where you are located, should expect to receive notices soon about changes.

On October 1st 2017, FastMail updated our Terms of Service to make them friendlier for our customers, and easier to understand. These changes also allow us to progressively unify our Terms of Service across all our products: FastMail, Topicbox, Pobox and Listbox. Summary of changes UPDATE: changed tense and links on October 1st to reflect […]

02 Aug 2017 Legal & Policy

For the past two months, FastMail has been rejecting new signups from Germany, and our app has been unavailable in the German app stores. We took these actions out of caution after receiving letters from the German Bundesnetzagentur requiring us to register with them as an email provider. Until we obtained legal advice, we did […]

Oct 7, 2015 Welcome new readers arriving from Senator Scott Ludlam’s recent Facebook post or Tweet. FastMail is a paid service, which means that you pay money in exchange for us running the service purely for you, the customer, rather than for advertisers. While we don’t provide a free service, we do offer a free […]

As you may be aware, there have been many reports recently of secret data mining programs conducted by the US government. These reports have included mention of secret network interception and "backdoor" access to private email accounts. While we have no position on the veracity of these claims, we have had many queries about what, […]