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Meet Our Team: Andrew Davis, System Engineer

Meet Andrew Davis, a System Engineer, whose work creatively revamped the Fastmail storage system.

Meet Our Team: Chasen, Client Application Developer

Meet Chasen Stark, a Client Application Developer whose work has upgraded our user experience by making it easy to switch to Fastmail

How Fastmail helped pave a path toward this career changer’s dream job
23 Sep 2022 Meet Our Team

Support Developer Rasha Moumneh shares her journey from nonprofit worker to tech pro.

Meet Our Team: Alex, Product Manager
15 Sep 2022 Meet Our Team

Meet Alex, a Product Manager based in Australia, who listens to customers and figures out how to make Fastmail work for them.

Meet Our Team: Sez, Customer Service and Technical Support Agent
18 Aug 2022 Meet Our Team

Meet Sez, a Fastmail Customer Service and Technical Support Agent based in Australia, who helps customers solve problems with kindness and compassion.

One Way Fastmail Developers Build a Creative Workplace Culture

At Fastmail, we believe in helping people live a connected and enriching life. Our workplace culture is one where everyone can contribute their diverse interests and talents, like Joe, a Fastmail developer whose Vestaboard project brings joy to our global team.

Women In Privacy: An Interview With the Women Leading Fastmail

In this article, Helen and Nicola from Fastmail talk to 1Password about their leadership in email privacy.

Meet Our Team: Vysakh, Support Agent
19 May 2021 Meet Our Team

Meet Vysakh, a Fastmail support agent based in India, who writes detailed help pages and solves customer problems.

Meet Our Team: Tom, Mobile Developer
19 May 2021 Meet Our Team

Meet Tom, a Fastmail Mobile Developer based in Australia, who makes it possible for you to use Fastmail on all of your devices.

Meet Our Team: Phoenix, Support Agent
30 Mar 2021 Meet Our Team

Meet Phoenix, a Fastmail support agent, who helps customers get the most from their email experience.

Meet Our Team: Rasha, Support Developer
05 Mar 2021 Meet Our Team

Meet Rasha, a Fastmail developer, who untangles customer issues with technical expertise.