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How Fastmail helped pave a path toward this career changer’s dream job
23 Sep 2022 Meet Our Team

Support Developer Rasha Moumneh shares her journey from nonprofit worker to tech pro.

Meet Our Team: Alex, Product Manager
15 Sep 2022 Meet Our Team

Meet Alex, a Product Manager based in Australia, who listens to customers and figures out how to make Fastmail work for them.

Meet Our Team: Sez, Customer Service and Technical Support Agent
18 Aug 2022 Meet Our Team

Meet Sez, a Fastmail Customer Service and Technical Support Agent based in Australia, who helps customers solve problems with kindness and compassion.

One Way Fastmail Developers Build a Creative Workplace Culture

At Fastmail, we believe in helping people live a connected and enriching life. Our workplace culture is one where everyone can contribute their diverse interests and talents, like Joe, a Fastmail developer whose Vestaboard project brings joy to our global team.

Women In Privacy: An Interview With the Women Leading Fastmail

In this article, Helen and Nicola from Fastmail talk to 1Password about their leadership in email privacy.

Meet Our Team: Vysakh, Support Agent
19 May 2021 Meet Our Team

Meet Vysakh, a Fastmail support agent based in India, who writes detailed help pages and solves customer problems.

Meet Our Team: Tom, Mobile Developer
19 May 2021 Meet Our Team

Meet Tom, a Fastmail Mobile Developer based in Australia, who makes it possible for you to use Fastmail on all of your devices.

Meet Our Team: Phoenix, Support Agent
30 Mar 2021 Meet Our Team

Meet Phoenix, a Fastmail support agent, who helps customers get the most from their email experience.

Meet Our Team: Rasha, Support Developer
05 Mar 2021 Meet Our Team

Meet Rasha, a Fastmail developer, who untangles customer issues with technical expertise.

Our CEO, Bron Gondwana, on Fastmail Today

In our final blog post for the year, Fastmail’s CEO reflects on our achievements during this 20th year of the company, and looks forward to the future.

On Your Side for 20 Years: An Interview with Rob Mueller, a Fastmail Founder

In celebration of 20 years of Fastmail, we’ve interviewed our co-founder, Rob Mueller, to discuss the past, present, and future.

Fastmail’s 2018 in Review

Fastmail’s CEO discusses our work to ensure customer privacy, expand capacity, and lead positive shifts in internet protocols.