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All About ARC – an experimental standard for authenticating forwarded emails

As email passes through servers from sender to receiver, ARC (an experimental standard) tracks its authentication state. Read about how we use ARC at Fastmail, and how ARC can be used to benefit everyone.

Announcing Squire 2.0—Fastmail releases next generation of open-source rich text editor

We’re pleased to announce we’ve released the next version of Squire, Fastmail’s open-source text editor.

How and why we built Masked Email with JMAP—an open API standard

In this article, Madeline Hanley from the 1Password team explains how JMAP, the new open standard for email introduced by Fastmail, powers Masked Email.

Masked Email from Fastmail and 1Password protects your identity online

Together, Fastmail and 1Password have created Masked Email, which makes it easy to generate unique email addresses on the fly while signing up for new services online.

Hosting CalConnect to Build the Future of Calendars

Fastmail hosts a meet up of top talent in open calendaring to advance scheduling tools.

Undo Send Saves the Day When You Hit Send Too Fast

Undo send lets you cancel a sent email if you'd like to take it back immediately.

We’re Making Email More Modern With JMAP

The specifications for JMAP have been published by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), marking a big victory for email tools now and in the future.

What is Cyrus? We make a significant contribution to Cyrus IMAP, the email, contacts and calendar server used by FastMail. As with any development work, it’s in our interest to quickly find bugs we’ve introduced and fix them before they get to production. As well as contributing features/code, documentation, project management and maintenance/bug fixes, we […]

Fastmail Team Shares Knowledge About Meeting Customer Needs

Our team talks about customer service, technical documentation, and understanding users at LCA, a linux and open source conference.

JMAP Open Standard for Email Moves Forward

JMAP, a modern, open protocol that provides a better email experience, is nearly an official standard and in use by many of our customers.

What we are up to at CalConnect

Standards and CalConnect Three years ago that we launched our calendar service, and since then we’ve continually been working on it, be that CalDAV scheduling invitation processing per user alarms on shared calendars and other improvements. In calendaring, as in email, we are committed to open standards, and we stay true to the specifications that […]