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Pros and Cons of Hosting Your Own Email

Are you considering hosting your own email? Learn more about the pros and cons from Fastmail.

5 best practices to ensure you’re not part of the next email breach

Data breaches sound scary, but there are many ways to protect your data and take control of your privacy.

Private Email for Municipalities

Does your email service leave your organization vulnerable? Learn about how Fastmail’s private email solution can help your municipal contacts.

How Fastmail Advocates for Privacy

Fastmail believes in a fairer internet—one that’s more considerate of people’s privacy.

Business Email Scams: How to identify and prevent them

Business email scams are common and dangerous. Learn the types of scams and how Fastmail’s business solutions prevent them.

How to Advocate for Digital Privacy: 3 Tips to Help

Learn about the importance of digital privacy and how you, as a good digital citizen, can make an impact.

Data Breaches – How Our Good Choices Keep Your Data Safe

Fastmail Co-Founder, Rob Mueller, explains what data breaches are, what Fastmail does to protect our customers, and what you can do if you find out you’ve been involved in a data breach.

Masked Email Now in More Places With Bitwarden Integration

Together, Fastmail and Bitwarden created a new Masked Email integration, designed to combine Bitwarden’s open-source password manager with Fastmail’s open API.

Has My Email Been Compromised?

Email is an essential tool, you can take steps to prevent your email from being compromised or to address it if it happens.

Fastmail vs. Gmail: A Comparison

Are you trying to decide which email service provider to use? We break down the differences between Fastmail and Gmail to help you make your choice.

Fastmail vs. ProtonMail: A Comparison

Looking for a private email service? We break down the similarities and differences between Fastmail and Protonmail.

4 Easy Steps to Take Back Control Of Your Privacy in 2022

Make your New Year's Resolution to ditch creepy digital surveillance.