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On this special bonus episode of the Digital Citizen Podcast, Michael Fey, 1Password's VP of Engineering, talks to Fastmail CTO Ricardo Signes about a new partnership between Fastmail and 1Password.


Explore the Masked Email integration, which is available to everyone with both Fastmail and 1Password accounts, and learn how you can protect your online privacy with unique email addresses. Rik and Michael also discuss Internet security, password managers, and secure email. If you want to be more secure online, this is the episode for you.

▶️ Guest Interview - Michael Fey

🗣️ Discussion Points

  • Most places on the internet require you to provide an email and password when you signup. Using the same email address everywhere means that someone who knows your email address knows half of what it takes to access your account.
  • Now with Masked Email, you can generate a unique email address in the same way that you generate a unique password. You can easily disable Masked Email addresses if you find they’ve been targeted with spam.
  • 1Password is a password manager that makes it easy to store and use strong passwords. Your data is end-to-end encrypted and only you have access – 1Password can't see what you store in 1Password or which sites you visit.
  • Michael Fey's number one piece of advice for passwords is to not reuse them. Using a different password for every service you signup for will keep you more secure online. Ideally, you shouldn’t even know your password! Let an app like 1Password generate your passwords. If you are using the same password for your shoe store and your bank, your bank details are only as secure as the shoe store’s security.
  • Most people do not protect their email addresses and generally use the same one everywhere. When your email address gets leaked, that's a link in the chain that a hacker can exploit. Even with unique passwords, a single email address can still be a point of weakness from phishing attacks and other exploits.
  • Security and privacy go hand-in-hand. Security is about keeping your information safe. Privacy is about keeping your information hidden.
  • Making and Managing Masked Email addresses in 1Password will be familiar if you've used 1Password before. Keeping your email anonymous is now as easy as generating a strong password, you can create a Masked Email address without ever leaving the sign-up page.


  • Being a good digital citizen involves being nice and kind online, in the same way you would be in person. We all want compassion, respect, and dignity.
  • Using a password manager is the easiest way to store and use strong passwords and protect yourself online.
  • Having a different email address for each online service you use gives you an extra layer of security, if you're also using unique passwords for each account. It also protects you by keeping your real email address private from the apps or services that you sign up for.

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