Pay outstanding balance / Renew subscription

Payment details are available on the Settings → Billing & Plan screen.

When your subscription expires, we automatically renew using the payment details you have saved. Any credit in your account balance will be applied to the balance.

If you'd prefer not to store your payment information with Fastmail, you can Add Funds to your account balance (via Visa, Mastercard, American Express or PayPal) without saving the payment information. When your subscription is due, your account balance will be debited.

You can change your subscription period either by changing the period in the dropdown on the auto-renew notice, or by choosing to Renew Now and choosing the new period.

You can Add Billing Details at any time to save your payment information.

Need to change your plan?

View invoices and payment history

To download a copy of your invoice, or see a list of all payment activity on your account, use the View payment history and printable invoices link on the Settings → Billing & Plan screen.

Why did my payment fail?

Card payments can fail for a number of reasons: