Converting between personal and business or family accounts

Needs change. A one-man enterprise may start with a personal account, then later need to change to a business account to start managing multiple accounts. If someone leaves a business, they may want to keep their account as a personal account. You can import personal accounts into a business/family or split them back off at any time.

Import a personal account into a business/family

  1. Sign in to the master user account for your business or family. (Sign up for a new business or family account if you don't have one yet. Note that if you already have domains setup in your existing fastmail accounts, you shouldn't add them during signup. The domains and their aliases will be transferred to the business/family plan when you import your account(s) into it.).
  2. Go the Manage → Import User screen.
  3. Enter the full username and password of the personal account you wish to import and select the new service level to give the account. Configure any other options you want to; there are descriptions of them on the page.
  4. Click the Check funds and quotas button to make sure that you have enough money in the account and you've picked a new service level with sufficient quota for the account.
  5. Click the Import User button.

The user will be imported into the business. A pro-rata credit for the unused portion of the personal subscription will be added to the business account funds, so no money is "lost".

You can import as many users as you like into the business or family account.

Make the user an administrator

To make the newly imported user an administrator for the business or family:

  1. Go to the Manage → View / manage users screen and click the [+] link next to the account name.
  2. Under the "Actions" column on the right, click the "Give admin rights" link.

Rename the user into your domain

If you are using your own domain with your family or business account, you may like to rename your user so the account name is in your personal domain, rather than a FastMail domain.

  1. Go to the Manage → Rename User screen.
  2. Select the account you wish to rename from the dropdown menu.
  3. Type the new account name and pick the new domain.
  4. Double check you've typed the name and selected the domain you want.
  5. Click the Rename User button.

Remember, you will need to update any email client you use with the account to use the new username to log in. The password remains the same.

Detach an account from a business

  1. Log in to an administrator account, or the master account for your business/family.
  2. Go the Manage → View / manage users screen and click the [+] link next to the account name.
  3. Under the "Actions" column on the right, click the "Detach…" link.
  4. Pick a new personal plan for the account. You must have sufficient funds within your business account to pay for the new subscription.
  5. Click the Detach User button.