How to sync a calendar from Google, iCloud or another CalDAV service

Sync a calendar from your account at another service, such as Google or iCloud, so you can view and manage it from your FastMail account. You can make changes at either service and the calendar will stay up to date.

How to set up sync

To sync some or all of your calendars from Google, iCloud or another CalDAV server:

  1. Open the Settings → Calendars screen.
  2. In the Add Account section, select the option to Add calendars from ....
  3. Set where you want to sync from, whether this is Google, iCloud or another CalDAV server.
  4. Log in to your external account as prompted.
    • For Google you will log in via a popup window to Google's website.
    • For iCloud you will need your iCloud username and password. If you've enabled 2-factor authentication on your iCloud account, you will need to create an application specific password first.
    • For other calendar services simply enter your username, password and the URL for your calendar server.
  5. Once logged in we will fetch the list of calendars in your account. Select the one(s) you wish to sync from.
  6. Optionally, pick a new colour and give it a different name (by default we will use the same name the calendar has in the external account).
  7. Click Create Calendar.

The calendar will be created and set to sync with your external account. The next calendar in the account will automatically be selected: repeat steps 6 and 7 to sync the other calendars in your external account as well.

Important note for Google Calendar users

By default, Google Calendar does not expose shared calendars over CalDAV. To enable these calendars for sync as well, go to

Sync failures

Calendars synced from external services or URLs will periodically update. If we can't connect to the external source we will display this on the Settings → Calendars screen. If we cannot connect on 5 successive attempts, we will disable syncing for the calendar.

The most common cause for sync failures is the password for the external account being changed, or the account being deleted. To update the password for a linked external account:

  1. Open the Settings → Calendars screen.
  2. Under the Calendar section, find the account and click the Update Password button (or Reauthenticate for a Google account).

After you have done this, re-enable syncing on calendars for which it has been disabled:

  1. On the Settings → Calendar screen, click the Edit & Share button on the calendar for which syncing is disabled.
  2. Click Enable Sync.

Removing sync

To remove an individual calendar

  1. On the Settings → Calendars screen, click the Edit & Share button on the calendar you wish to remove.
  2. Click Remove

This will remove the calendar from FastMail. You can re-add the calendar from its source account at any time.

To remove an external account

To stop syncing all calendars belonging to an external service, click Remove Account from the entry under the Calendar Accounts heading.

Any calendars that were set up to sync at the time you remove the account will be removed from FastMail.

Event invitations on a synced calendar

If you don't mind your invites being sent from your FastMail account and replies being returned to your FastMail account, you can operate your synced calendar from FastMail as normal.

If, however, you want your event invitations to be sent and received at your external account, we have some recommendations to make this work for you.

Having problems?

Take a look at our troubleshooting guide.