Sharing files

You can share files with other users in your account, if you're part of a multi-user account, also known as a business account.

Set up sharing

Sharing access to a folder with someone else is a two step process. From the Files screen, select Sharing.

  1. Select the folder you want to share in the Shared Directories section, and use the Add share button to add it to the list of shared folders.

Once the share has been added, it will be available in the list of folders in the alter access section below.

  1. Use the Alter Access section to control exactly who you want to share the folder with, and what permissions they should have.

  1. Select which Users you want to grant access (or remove access) to your folder.
  2. Select which Folders you're changing access for.
  3. Choose which Permissions to set on this folder for the selected users.
  4. Then either Add Access to add those permissions, or Remove Access to remove those permissions.

The directory listing section will then update to show the updated status of your shared directories and which users have what permissions.

File sharing permissions

Read - Lets someone else see all your files in the target folder.

Write - Lets someone else change any file in the target folder.

Admin - Lets someone else have access to the folder as if they were the owner.

Consider that it doesn't make much sense to make someone an admin, without also giving them read and write access. Or giving them write access without also read access. You can't update what you can't see!