About FastMail file storage

The Files screen lets you store and manage files at FastMail.

Files Quota

The maximum storage space you can use depends on your account plan. We list the files quota for each account type in our pricing table. There are also hourly and daily bandwidth transfer limits to prevent abuse. If other people download your files via the web (because you have created a website) then that is still counted towards your transfer. Uploads and downloads via DAV and FTP are also counted. Your files quota is completely separate from your mail quota, so if you reach your file storage limits it will not affect your mail.

The maximum file size you can upload via our web interface is 50 MB. If you use DAV or FTP, you can upload files as large as 1 GB.

The {My Files} Folder

The folder called "{My Files}" is special. If you're accessing your files through DAV or FTP it is shown by the full path /yourusername.yourmail.domain/files/ — but in the web interface it is shown by the short name. You cannot delete or rename this folder; it is the top-level folder that contains all of your uploaded content.