Where are my settings?

We’ve been cleaning up the Settings section to make Fastmail easier for you to use.

Easier to understand groupings

For account admins

Users and Aliases, previously two separate screens, have been combined to give admins one place to search and manage email addresses. Pay for new users for each person who needs a mail account; add new aliases to give those users additional email addresses for free!

New admin settings to help manage your account

Admin Policies have been consolidated to Billing & Plan, Users & Aliases, and Domains.

For everyone

Preferences for all our web applications are now managed on a single screen. Click Show advanced preferences to see more options — we think we’ve set the best option for most users, but it’s there for you to adjust.

Options to help you bring information from other services, or use your Fastmail account in other apps used to live all over. We’ve brought them together at Settings → Import & Setup. We want to make it as simple as possible for you to bring your mail, calendars and contacts to Fastmail, and set up your favorite programs to use it.

New settings to put the most important things first

Refer a Friend has been added to the bottom of the Settings page.

Other Settings enhancements

Settings → Password & Security has been redesigned to make it easier to review and modify your security choices. We’re planning more tools to help you review your security settings regularly, so you know your information is being kept safe and secure.

Settings → Sending Identities has been updated to let you review your signatures and per-address sending settings on one screen.

Settings → Notifications has gotten its own screen. Review notification settings for all your devices using Fastmail webmail or apps.

Find it where you need it

Folders, Calendars, Contact Groups and Websites have been moved from Settings to the places where you use them.

Folders can have their settings changed in place by clicking the :triple dot: at the right of their folder name. Manage all folders, including ordering, using Edit at the bottom of the Folders list.

Folder settings can now be edited in the mail interface.

Calendars can be added, shared and edited in the calendar view.

Calendars can be created and edited from the Calendar.

Contact Groups can be added and renamed from the Contacts view.

Groups can be edited from the Contacts screen.

Groups can be created from the Contacts screen.

Websites are managed where they live, under Files.