Account pricing and details

If you only want a single account (i.e. a single Inbox, single login, but possibly many email addresses that all deliver to the account), you want one of our Personal plans. For multiple accounts (with a single bill, shared address book, administrator access etc.), look at our Family or Business plans.

Personal plans

Lite Full Enhanced Premier
Cost $10 USD per 1 year $20 USD per 1 year $25 USD per 6 months; or,
$40 USD per 1 year
$70 USD per 6 months; or,
$120 per 1 year
Minimum contract12 months6 months
Mail storage 250 MB 1 GB 15 GB 60 GB
File storage 100 MB 1 GB 5 GB 30 GB
Mail access Web/IMAP/POP/SMTP
Contact access Web only Web/CardDAV
Calendar access Web only Web/CalDAV
Use your own domain No 100 domains; and,
500 domain aliases
Technical support Personal Priority

To prevent abuse, there are limits on the number and size of messages you may send and receive and files you can transfer to/from your file storage. These limits are extremely high, and are rarely reached in normal use. This page also details the maximum number of contacts, notes, aliases, domains, identities and POP links allowed in each plan.

Commercial use

You may use any of our accounts for commercial purposes. However, regardless of the account level, you may not use your account for surveys, contests, pyramid schemes, multi-level marketing schemes, chain letters, junk email, spamming or any duplicative or unsolicited messages.

Purchasing extra space.

Rather than upgrade to the next plan, it's possible to just purchase extra mail or file storage. This is charged at:

Note: This is only available for Personal plans, not Family or Business plans

Mobile phone number on trial accounts

Before being able to send an email from a free trial account, we require your mobile phone number. This is an email abuse countermeasure: we use the number only to send an SMS verification code.