Setting up your domain: no NS/MX

There's just three simple steps:

  1. Add your domain
  2. Apply DKIM and SPF records
  3. Add email addresses at your domain

Optional set up

1. Add your domain

Fastmail will report the domain as Inactive. Since your domain isn't hosted with Fastmail and the DNS records do not point to Fastmail, this warning will remain.

Please note: The domain setup wizard can only set up aliases on legacy plans. If you are on a legacy plan, you will need to add users manually in order to create additional user accounts at your custom domain.

2. Apply DKIM and SPF records

You will need to set the DKIM and SPF records with your domain server to ensure your mail is properly signed.

3. Add email addresses at your domain

Email addresses for your domain are added during the domain setup process. If you need to add additional email addresses at a later date, these can be added in the Settings → Users & Aliases screen. You may also choose to add a catchall alias if one was not already set up with the domain, so that any mail addressed to your domain comes to you, no matter what address is used.

Creating an alias also creates a matching account identity. This lets you send mail from your account using the email address matching that alias. You can customize other settings too, such as your signature.

If you'd like to set up your account so mail is sent from one of your custom domain addresses by default:

Optional domain set up

System email addresses

The email standard requires that the email address be a valid email address. Because of this, even if you don't set up an alias for that address, we will deliver any email sent to that address to the owner of the domain.

It's also best practice to support By default, if you don't set up your own alias for, we'll automatically direct all email sent to to our abuse handling system.

Subdomain addressing and mail routing

On the Settings → Domains screen, you can control subdomain addressing and mail routing.

subdomain set up

The Mail: Subdomain section lets you control how Fastmail handles subdomain addressing for your domain. There are three options:

The Mail: Routing section lets you choose how mail to this domain is handled. Use: