Reply attribution

If you have quoted replies enabled, then the attribution line will appear above the quoted reply.

It normally looks something like this:

On Thu, 10 Sep 2019 3:15, Joe Bloggs wrote:

To customize the attribution line, go to the Settings → Preferences screen and click Show Advanced Preferences. In the "Writing" section, scroll to "Reply Attribution" and enter your desired text. You can use literal text, or you can use a pattern.

If you would like to use a pattern in your reply attribution, you can use the control characters below.

Sender details

Message time

Some formats like %e, %k, %l are always 2 characters wide, and include a leading space. This is designed to make it simpler to format strings. If you would like to remove this space, place a - between the % and the letter, for example: %-e, %-k, %-l.

Other control characters