Reply attribution

The attribution line is the line of text that precedes the quoted original message when replying to an email. It normally looks something like this:

On Thu, 10 Sep 2009 3:15, Joe Bloggs wrote:

You can customise the attribution line on the Settings → Mail Preferences screen, going to the "Writing" section and updating the "Advanced" options by typing the pattern you wish to use in the "Reply attribution" text box in the "Compose" section.

If left blank, the default FastMail attribution line will be used, which has the following definition:

%n%nOn %a, %d %b %Y %H:%M %z, %+f wrote:

This inserts two blank lines, then the line of text:

On (weekday), (day) (month) (year) (hour):(minute) (timezone), (name) wrote:

If you enter text into this field, it will be used as the attribution line instead. Most text you enter will be used literally, however the system will replace any %X sequence with certain values. The available substitutions are:

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Message time

Other control characters