Format your message with fonts, colours and links

Spice up your email with colours; make it big and bold or small and italic, or whatever else takes your fancy.

To show the formatting tools, click the Make rich text link on the compose screen. A row of icons will appear at the top of your message to allow you to add formatting. If you're not sure what one of the buttons does, hover over it with our mouse for a tooltip.

Default to rich text

If you usually use the formatting tools, you can change your settings so they appear by default for new messages:

  1. Open the Settings → Preferences screen.
  2. Under the "Writing section", change your Message format to Rich text.
  3. If you would like to still use plain text formatting when replying to a plain text message, tick the option for When replying, use the same format as the original message.
  4. Click Save Changes in the bottom right of the screen.