So many kind words.

It’s one thing for us to tell you FastMail is great.
But it means so much more when our customers say it too.

FastMail is just WOW.

Wow, the @FastMailFM mobile web app is really really good. Great service all around.

Shoutout to @FastMailFM for being super functional. Exactly what a web utility should be. 100% worth the money!…

Since using @FastMailFM even my iPhone is faster. Both Apple Mail and Calendar now work fine. #loveit

Switched my email to @FastMailFM after my free trial ;-) Smoothest transition ever. JOY to use! Never looked back.

Shout out to @FastMailFM It's awesome and handles my many domains and aliases flawlessly:) Kind of miss running my own #OpenSMTPD though :'(

@jamesthomson I’ve been very happy with @FastMailFM for years now. Good, fast and solid choice.

@jamesthomson Using Fastmail myself (moved from Gmail), couldn’t be happier

@jamesthomson I’ve been routing almost everything through @FastMailFM for some years. Overall very happy with it. Aliases are great.

@jamesthomson FastMail is fantastic. Used it a couple years ago, moved to Google Apps, moved back and am a thousand times happier.

@FastMailFM After 3 days of trial and reading reviews of you, I directly went for the family account and it's awesome. I love what you do !

Working with @FastMailFM for a while now, very impressed by speed & CalDAV/CardDAV implementation. Best I've seen so far (and OSS)

The migration process of @fastmailfm is just fantastic. Migrated more then 21.000 Mails in just 2 hours. With one single click. 👍

I love @Dreamhost but their email issues were killing me. So... wow @FastMailFM is really fast! Their IMAP servers are super

Just subscribed for 5 years of @FastMailFM. 5 years to not worry about email.

@ghedin Uso o @FastMailFM há alguns anos e é, de longe, o melhor serviço de email que já usei. É pago, mas vale todo o dinheiro.

@kopfnuss couldn't sing enough praises for @fastmailfm if I tried - hassle free email, good IMAP, best bit is native push support with iOS

@FastMailFM I've been meaning to try #FastMail for a while. Whew! Glad I did! Y'all have a simply amazing product here. New customer++

2.5 years ago I moved to @FastMailFM from Gmail and could not be more pleased. I pay for it, and it's worth it.…

@optshiftk I don’t even remember how much I pay for @FastMailFM, but it’s some of the best money I spend every year.

I usually don't advertise for free, but I've been a @FastMailFM customer for 12 years now and am still amazed by them.

moved family from g.apps to @FastMailFM. So far impressed. Easy migration, even less spam. Nice web UX. Can reach real service if needed

.@FastMailFM support is great! Quick, responsive and willing to help you solve actual problems!

Love @FastMailFM a little more every day!

Reasons I love @FastMailFM, number fleventy-five: they just answered their support inbox in under ten minutes, at nearly midnight my time.

I was nervous switching away from Gmail — expected to have a huge problem with spam. But @FastMailFM has been fantastic at spam filtering.

@FastMailFM We use Fastmail for hundreds of bouncy castle websites and their support and reliability is great! Keep up the good work :)

@FastMailFM Best email service; front-end user interface and email service. Oh yeah, and their customer service is fantastic!

@FastMailFM stays focused on the essentials and constantly moves forward. The only service I trust enough to buy its 3-year subscription.

I generally prefer native email clients over webmail, but christ @FastMailFM's webmail interface is fast! Puts Gmail to absolute shame.

New Settings page from @FastMailFM is A.W.E.S.O.M.E. ...quite the same "experience" in the Web and the mobile app. Great job!

@FastMailFM Loving the changes, especially in the new Settings. Fastmail is the best!

A few days into switching to @FastMailFM from Google and I’m a very happy customer.

The FastMail web interface is one of the best web interfaces I’ve ever used.

@jensimmons I highly recommend @FastMailFM, and not just for the privacy benefits.

I can’t recommend @FastMailFM enough. I just had a request not covered by the help pages solved within less than an hour. So awesome!

@zzzeek I’ve been using @FastMailFM for almost 10 years. Nothing but thrilled with them.

.@FastMailFM really is the best thing on the internet I pay for.

I've mostly transitioned over to @FastMailFM for my personal email, inc. using a custom domain. I have been really impressed.

Shout out to @FastMailFM for being the best email company out there.

Been loving the move to @FastMailFM (and thus my own domain). Great service they offer there and worth the money:

I stopped using Gmail and switched to @FastMailFM. I love having push email again. Also, subdominan addressing.…

And just for the record, I love you @FastMailFM. Thank you for doing a great job. I am happy.

Spam filtering from @FastMailFM is so good that I asked their support to see if I accidentally turned on an auto delete setting. I had not.

@drdrang Fastmail has been working flawlessly on all my devices for almost a year now. Switched from Gmail

@FastMailFM Subscription renewed, cant fault it. It works, own domain, great service.

Gmail is so darn slow compared to the Fastmail web app.

@FastMailFM is fully secure & so mobile friendly. This is the best email service I ever seen.

I dunno what happend to my @FastMailFM account a week ago, but all of a sudden it started murdering incoming spam for real. Feels great!

Renewed my Fastmail service. Money well spent!

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