Streamline your mail by choosing actions

To help you organize your mail, Fastmail has made it even easier to set up actions for each email address. When mail is delivered to you, you can automatically move it to a folder, send a copy to another address, or delete it.

Time-saving actions

Setting an action for your email addresses makes processing your email easy.

“These actions allow us to surface some of the technical power of Fastmail in an intuitive, user-friendly interface,” says Chasen Stark, Client Application Developer at Fastmail. “One of the most powerful capabilities of Fastmail is the ability to manage the flow of your incoming mail.”

Action settings make using multiple email addresses even more powerful at Fastmail. Let’s say you subscribe to a few different newsletters that you enjoy, but you don’t always have time to read them. You could create a new address like “awesomenewsletters” at your domain, and apply an action that automatically moves mail to this address into an “Awesome Newsletters” folder or label. Now, if you start using “awesomenewsletters” at your domain to subscribe to newsletters, you can go back and read them at the time of your choosing.

Moving to a folder or label

Manage your incoming mail by email address

At Fastmail, you can create aliases to give each of your different activities their own email address. One of the many benefits of using multiple email addresses is being able to more clearly track who has your email and how they’re using it.

With our updated address action settings, you can perform actions like sending a copy of messages sent to your bills address to your accountant or blocking an address entirely so all the mail sent to it goes straight to the trash without having to manually create rules.

Find actions where you manage your addresses

While our mail rules are still powerful and convenient, you may find it easier to apply an address action as you make or edit many aliases from the Settings → My email addresses screen. You will still find all of your filters, rules, and actions in your account under Settings → Mail Rules.

My Email Addresses

“A lot of work went into making sure this feature works smoothly without interrupting mailflow for users who already use rules,” says Yara Beadenkopf, Backend Developer at Fastmail. “A big part of getting address actions ready was ensuring that people using rules won’t need to change anything, but they’ll be able to augment their setup using actions if they want to.”

Fastmail makes it simple to automatically get your mail in the right place in your account, so that prioritized mail gets the correct amount of attention and unwanted mail gets the appropriate deflection.

Try it out today: set actions to apply to mail sent to your addresses in Settings → My email addresses.

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