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Fastmail is a committed member of the larger email, contacts, and calendars ecosystem. We are values-driven and privacy-aware.

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At Fastmail we believe strongly in open standards, and invest a lot of effort in driving the industry forward. If you have a mail, contacts, or calendar app or service, we’re always happy to talk to you about how we can make it work better with Fastmail. We also have API integrations available for creating masked email addresses, which are perfect for integration with password managers. 1Password and Bitwarden have already successfully done so — talk to us if you want to do the same!

To discuss any integration ideas or opportunities, please email

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Do you manage IT for others? Become a Fastmail reseller and you can easily create and manage accounts for the organisations you support. You can even choose to have them billed directly to you, so you can include it as part of an overall package you provide.