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Digital Citizen
Digital Citizen:

From Players to Creators: Diving into the Video Game Industry

11 Jun 2024 Season 3 6

Digital Citizen:

You Can Thrive Here: Local Leaders on Philly’s Move Into Ethical Tech

28 May 2024 Season 3 5

Digital Citizen:

Repairing Our Right To Fix it with Aaron Perzanowski

14 May 2024 Season 3 4

Digital Citizen:

Getting Things Done Using Your Calendar with David Tedaldi from Morgen

30 Apr 2024 Season 3 3

Digital Citizen:

Finding the Balance Between Productivity and Grind Culture with Abha from The Werk Life

16 Apr 2024 Season 3 2

Digital Citizen:

Avoiding Procrastination with Adam Conover

02 Apr 2024 Season 3 1

Digital Citizen:

Digital Citizen – Season 3 Trailer

19 Mar 2024 Season 3 Season 3 Trailer

Listen to a snapshot of Digital Citizen, a Fastmail Podcast. Hear clips from our guests and their perspectives on how we can all become better digital citizens.

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Your host – Ricardo Signes

Fastmail’s Head of Special Projects

Nerd out about the digitally connected world with Fastmail’s Head of Special Projects, Ricardo Signes. Named one of the most influential technologists in Philadelphia, Rik’s a seasoned expert in all things tech, digital privacy, and open source development. In conversation with other experts, he’ll get to the heart of what you want to know. At the end of each episode, stay tuned for Rik’s takeaways which will put you on a practical path towards a better digital life.

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