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Email Calendars Contacts In One Mobile App Heart Phone Icon

Email, calendars, contacts in one mobile app

Save time with Snooze and Scheduled Send Clock Icon

Save time with Snooze and Scheduled Send

Take control of your inbox with Filters & Labels Check Icon

Take control of your inbox with Filters & Labels

Get The Bigger Picture With Our Sidebar Wand Icon

Get the bigger picture with our Sidebar

Precise search

Precise Search eDesign Search

Use our search builder to find what you are looking for quickly.

Precise Search Alain

Switching to Fastmail has been the best digital decision in my life. The speed of Fastmail email search is one of my favorite features. It makes quick work of finding cherished memories or important information throughout 26 years of my email archives.

Alain Culos Software engineer

Do more in your inbox

Do More In Your Inbox Sidebar

With Fastmail, you can build Rules, Snooze messages and schedule your replies, use our Sidebar to view your message history, or add an event to your calendar right from your messages.

Categorize your mail with Labels

Categorize Your Mail With Labels Labels And Folders

With Labels, you can highlight key topics, plan actions for later, color-coordinate your work, and get organized.

Three apps in one

Breeze through your day with email, calendars, and contacts all in one app.

“Best alternative to Gmail and iCloud for Email, Calendars, and Contacts.” – Jon Henshaw, Founder of Coywolf

An intuitive UI made for you

An Intuitive UI Made For You Calendar Sidebar

Smart Sidebar
View and search your Calendar, Contacts, and email attachments right in your inbox without having to change screens.

Custom Color
Use Custom Themes to focus your attention and create order with color.

Andrew Beyer

Your email is an entry point into your digital life, so it’s essential that you remain in control of how it’s used.

Andrew Beyer Browser Experience Lead at 1Password
Leo Laporte

Fastmail is the best email provider in the world for a surprisingly reasonable price. If you care about email, get Fastmail.

Leo Laporte Host of This Week in Tech
Adam Newbold

I’ve used Fastmail for nearly a decade and I can’t imagine using anything else. It’s rock-solid email, but also an amazing company with great people who really care about the things that matter most.

Adam Newbold Creator of

Privacy by Default

Privacy By Default eDesign Castle Masked Email

The providers of free email know too much about you, making you the product they sell. Save time and stop spammers, leaks, and tracking with:

Privacy by Default Masked Email With 1Password Letter Open Icon

Masked Email with 1Password

Privacy b yDefault Additional Email Addresses Persons Icon

Additional email addresses

Privacy by Default Custom Domains A Icon

Custom domains

Fastmail keeps your email, calendar, and contacts away from prying eyes. And best of all, it includes productivity features that you can’t find elsewhere!

Simpletivity Logo

“Fastmail gives users the flexibility and power to control the flow of information in and out of their email.”

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