Better privacy with email aliases and custom addresses: you@yourdomain

Protect yourself from tracking, data leaks, and spammers with plenty of alternative addresses that keep your main address private. Use your own domain, create email aliases or Masked Email.

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Save special emails to the top of your inbox.

Calendars make it happen

Bring all your calendars together.
Share with your favorite people.

Get the full picture of your life by month, week, or day.

Find what you’re looking for and see what’s ahead.

Turn conversations on email into real life plans.

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“Neither Gmail or iCloud support the use of custom domains. Using a custom domain is more professional and allows you to move your email to another service.”

Jon Henshaw
Founder of Coywolf

“After 20 years of managing my own mail server infrastructure for a few dozen domains, I made the switch to Fastmail last year. I couldn’t be happier with their service, support, documentation, and infrastructure.”

Jesse Vincent
Author of K-9 Mail and Founder of

“Fastmail is great. Good company values, transparent communication, personal support, and a fast web interface.”

Armin K.
Fastmail user

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