Choose your ideal colors with Fastmail themes

Fastmail has launched custom themes! Starting today, you can personalize the color and style of your Fastmail inbox.

Have you ever wished you could change the color of your inbox? Imagine an inbox that is customized to match your keycaps, the brand of your business, or even the colors of your favorite sports team.

With Fastmail themes, the colorful inbox of your dreams is here.

Personalize your inbox with Fastmail themes

Bored of blue? Fastmail is now customizable to fit your style and needs.

Nowadays, we spend so much time online. At Fastmail, we believe that technology should improve based on the needs of its users. With themes, we are showing that you can have a reliable, private email that is uniquely yours.

“We added themes because we want our customers to feel at home when looking at their email.” – Nicola Nye

Themes are here to put you in control of how you want your email to look. For example, is our dark mode not dark enough for you? Now you can go extra deep dark for an interface that really gets out of your way. Choose the colors that are right for you; you can keep your style Fastmail classic or do your own thing.

How to add Fastmail themes to your account

Step 1: Go to your Settings screen, and in the Preferences menu, you will find a section titled Theme.

Step 2: Choose one of our themes or create your own.

Pro tip: On every modern desktop browser, you should see an eyedropper icon that will give you the ability to choose any color on your screen as a theme color.

Step 3. For a more seamless experience, set your theme to automatically follow your device’s operating system.

Pro tip: You can now change your email’s color theme, appearance, and more using Quick Settings.

You helped make this feature a reality

Fastmail has been evolving since 2001. We knew it was time to turn our focus to ensuring our interface was consistent and modern without compromising any of its elegance or usability.

“The request for button style options was the strongest feedback we received from our beta test, and it gives our customers a choice between the very modern flat look and a higher contrast style.” – Nicola Nye

We’d like to thank the 1000+ customers who sent us feedback on these features after seeing them first on

We greatly appreciate the time you took to write in and share your thoughts. We read every single one and considered it while developing these features: you helped us identify problems and bugs. We are proud to have customers that are so passionate and care so deeply about their email.

Share your custom theme

Take some time to experiment with colors to find the right ones for you. The ideas are endless: simplify the colors to help you focus, or make a theme that is inspired by your favorite tv show or time of year.

We can’t wait to see what themes you come up with! Help us celebrate this new feature: tweet us a screenshot of your theme preview from the setting section of your account using the hashtag #FMincolor by February 28th, 2022. Our three favorites will be shared in our March newsletter and winners will receive a free month of Fastmail.

For example:

If you’re new to Fastmail, give us a try to see this feature in action with a free 30-day trial.

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