Three Exciting Updates to Your Fastmail Calendar 

New Years’ is the time for making plans! We are excited to announce that we have made some updates to Fastmail’s calendar to help you along the way.

“We all wish we had more time. Your calendar can’t give you more hours, but it can help you make the most of the hours you have. Scheduling time with people, calling out important events so they’re easy to spot, helping your contacts let you know if they can make it — all of it is to let your calendar work better for you,” said Fastmail COO, Helen Horstmann-Allen.

This year, Fastmail is enhancing your calendar experience. Your unique workflow calls for the most powerful and efficient planning features. Our calendar partners provide the tools necessary to help you reclaim your time and achieve your goals. Now, the best in email pairs perfectly with some of the best in scheduling.

“We have joined forces with a group of values-driven calendar and productivity partners who share our commitment to being active participants in the larger email, contacts, and calendar ecosystems,” said Fastmail’s Marketing Manager, Roland Nichols.

Now, Fastmail calendars are easier to use and more feature-rich than ever!

1. Add a splash of color to your events

Calendar Personalization is here!

Do you have a doctor’s appointment, a child’s art show, or a job interview coming up? At Fastmail, we understand how important it is to keep track of it all.

So, now all Fastmail customers can add individual event colors to calendar events to help you quickly identify unique events in your calendar at a glance.

Blog image - event colors
“People’s days are so busy, and color is a great way to make important events stand out,” said Fastmail COO, Helen Horstmann-Allen

2. Send our updated invitations to anyone

We’ve refreshed our invites, so that important information is easy to find.

Quickly scan invites to see what information has changed, who you have been invited by, and who has RSVP’d yes or no.

Blog image - Rsvp received

We’ve also refreshed our RSVPs. Your guests can use our new tool to RSVP to your event and keep up with event updates, even if they don’t use a calendar.

Blog image - Rsvp on the web page

3. Fastmail’s calendar partners help you make the best of your year

Fastmail is partnering with leaders in scheduling this New Year to help you plan and meet your goals.

  • SavvyCal provides a personalized scheduling experience that simplifies communication. Easily share calendars and find a meeting time that works without all the back and forth. Plan for the personal and the professional using ranked availability, comprehensive calendar overlay, personal schedule links, and more. SavvyCal seamlessly integrates with your Fastmail account for privacy-friendly email and scheduling.
    – Like Fastmail, SavvyCal is committed to preserving your privacy. “We’re huge fans of privacy-friendly products like Fastmail,” says SavvyCal founder and CEP, Derrick Reimer. “We’re always happy to support other independent software companies who prioritize their customers above all else. We can’t wait to bring more Fastmail users a better way to schedule meetings with SavvyCal for years to come.”
  • If your New Year’s resolution is to make better use of your time, an effortless scheduler like YouCanBook.Me is the tool you need. Eliminate the hassle of organizing meetings. Large teams and different time zones are never a problem, and text reminders keep everyone updated.
  • Fantastical is improving calendar standards for all. It’s packed with features to help you organize your workflow and reach success this year. With beautiful calendar views and intuitive language text parsing technology, Fantastical is the perfect place to set tasks and keep track of your events and meetings. Fantastical’s advanced scheduler embraces your busy schedule without sacrificing your privacy.
    – “Standard protocols provide users with a choice of who they trust with their data and how they want to manage it. Implementing and improving these standards gives users more control and more choice. Fantastical has been a great partner when it comes to making new features work more places and for more users,” said Fastmail CTO, Ricardo Signes.
    – “We partnered with Fastmail because they understand how important it is to provide users with great privacy-friendly email and a great user experience. Easily integrate your Fastmail accounts into Fantastical and access their powerful calendar service across your devices,” said CEO of Flexibits, Michael Simmons.

SavvyCal, YouCanBook.Me, and Fantastical provide productivity services that organize your time and are building for the open internet.

As we grow, Fastmail will continue to partner with companies that prioritize the user experience and uphold our privacy standards.

We look forward to another year of giving you the best in email, give us a try to see these features in action with a free 30-day trial.

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