FastMail Customer Stories – Buildkite

Earlier in the year we presented our very first customer story, featuring the New Palm Court Orchestra.

We’re now excited to bring you our next customer story which features Buildkite Co-Founder, Keith Pitt and his team.

Buildkite is a growing Melbourne-based software company that has developed a QA automation testing tool, helping businesses make sure that they don’t introduce bugs into the software they release to their customers.

In more technical terms, Buildkite is a CI (Continuous Integration) and build automation tool that brings a software development team’s existing build infrastructure together with the convenience of a managed, centralised web interface.

Previously it may have taken hours, days or even weeks to ship code from development to production for new software releases. Buildkite helps its customers – which include Shopify, Pin Payments and DigitalOcean – streamline this process, resulting in a release cycle that now only takes about ten minutes.

Keith explains that one of the main reasons Buildkite turned to FastMail for their email hosting needs was a strong commitment to privacy and security.

The Buildkite team – who access their email through desktop and mobile devices – are also big fans of the speed of the FastMail interface together with the push notifications and search capabilities. We also take this as high praise coming from other software developers!

We’d like to thank Keith, Tim and Sam for their time and again also thank Ben from Benzen Video Productions for helping us to put this story together.

And for those in Melbourne – or anyone else who has ever visited – you might recognise the Fitzroy location and iconic Melbourne tram.

You can learn more about Buildkite at and find them on Twitter at @buildkite.

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