Masked Email from Fastmail and 1Password protects your identity online

Together, Fastmail and 1Password have created Masked Email, which makes it easy to generate unique email addresses on the fly while signing up for new services online.

Fastmail and 1Password have been working together to bring you Masked Email, which is a powerful evolution of the email alias that makes safer sign-ups easier. As of September 28th, you can use this feature to reclaim control of your online privacy and identity.

The perfect pair

We were thrilled to work on this project with the team at 1Password because we both believe that people should be in control of their online privacy.

Fastmail gives you hundreds of email aliases, which are alternative email addresses you can use to keep your real email private. With 1Password, you get strong passwords for the most secure logins. Together, we’re bringing you the best protection for your online accounts through private and secure email addresses and password combinations. By working together, we’ve made it easy to set up both of these protections at the same time.

“1Password was our ideal partner for Masked Email,” said Helen Horstmann-Allen, COO of Fastmail. “Adding one of our favorite Fastmail features, email aliases, to 1Password lets customers protect their email identity in the same way they protect their passwords. Together, we built a feature I’m really proud of, with a partner who shares our values for both customer privacy and open standards.”

“1Password is committed to raising the bar in enhancing online safety and privacy,” said Jeff Shiner, CEO of 1Password. “Partnering with Fastmail to provide Masked Email is yet another way we help protect our customers and their sensitive information.”

Get safer signups every time with Fastmail and 1Password

Your email address is your online identity. You wouldn’t give your name and home address to just anyone. So, why would you give up your personal email address online? Most websites require you to enter an email address and password when you log in. Using the same email everywhere means that anybody who knows your email address knows half of the combination you use to unlock all your online accounts.

Many of our customers are already storing their unique passwords in a password manager and now it’s easier than ever to store a unique email address too.

“We know empirically that data breaches happen many times every single day and the full extent of the problem is larger than anyone can quantify,” said Troy Hunt, Strategic Advisor at 1Password and Founder of Have I Been Pwned. “My service is now tracking 5 billion email addresses with each one appearing in an average of 2 data breaches. It’s more important than ever that we protect our privacy, and protecting the primary key to our digital lives—our email address – will have a really positive impact.”

Masked Email keeps your primary email address private. Using a unique email address increases your privacy when subscribing to services. Masked Email is a substitute for your primary email address, but all the mail still ends up securely in your Fastmail inbox. Protect your identity when you sign up for online services and shops. Be the hero behind the mask!

Here’s what our team has to say about Masked Email:

“There’s a difference between possible and easy. With 1Password, we’re making the privacy-conscious choice the easy and natural choice.”

Bron Gondwana
CEO, Fastmail.

” Masked Email is powered by JMAP, the open internet standard for email introduced by Fastmail engineers. Building with JMAP created a fast, secure feature, and we’re excited to imagine the future of email with JMAP.”

Ricardo Signes
CTO, Fastmail.

“Your email is an entry point into your digital life, so it’s essential that you remain in control of how it’s used.”

Andrew Beyer
Browser Experience Lead at 1Password

How it works

Connecting your Fastmail and 1Password accounts only takes a minute, and you can start making new Masked Email addresses directly in 1Password.

Next time you’re signing up for a service, 1Password can fetch a new Masked Email address for you from Fastmail and it will also create a strong password. Masked Email addresses are generated and managed in Fastmail, but they are also saved in 1Password along with your passwords to make future logins easy.

Masked Email puts you in control. If you start receiving spam to a Masked Email address, you can easily disable that address, without affecting the rest of your mail.

Owning your own identity is as important to us as owning your own data, so of course, you can use Masked Email from your own domain! If you don’t own a domain, use Fastmail instead.

Get started using Masked Email today

Start using Masked Email today!

Not yet a 1Password customer? To celebrate our partnership, 1Password is offering new customers 25% off their first year of a 1Password Families account. Try the world’s most-loved password manager today!

Already love 1Password? Sign up for Fastmail, and choose the privacy-focused email that’s perfect for you.

About Fastmail: Fastmail is the email provider of choice for people who want better privacy and know great technology. Rock-solid and reliable, Fastmail is thoughtfully designed, easy-to-use, and trusted by customers around the world. For over 20 years, the email experts at Fastmail have been helping people reclaim control of their personal information and increase their productivity through excellent products that don’t compromise their privacy. In addition to their email products, Fastmail is moving the email industry forward with new internet standards and open-source innovations. Visit us at

About 1Password: 1Password is a privacy and security company, and the leader in enterprise password management. By combining industry-leading security and award-winning design, the company provides private, secure, and user-friendly password and secrets management to businesses and consumers globally. 1Password’s Enterprise Password Manager is trusted by more than 90,000 business customers, including IBM, Slack, Shopify, Under Armour, Wealthsimple, PGA, Intercom, and Gitlab. Learn more at

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