Thinking of Migrating to Fastmail? We Make it Easy

Are you thinking of migrating from Protonmail or HEY to Fastmail? We’ve made importing your email easy!

We have updated our email import tool, so that it is easier than ever for you to bring your email with you into Fastmail.

Email providers like HEY, Proton, and email clients like Mozilla Thunderbird, use MBOX file formats when exporting your mail. We already support different file export formats like those used by Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and Outlook, and now we support MBOX too. If you’re moving to Fastmail from any of these places, read on to learn more about how and why to bring your email history with you.

Easily Import Your Email

At Fastmail, we know that your email is your electronic memory. We recognize that it holds your personal copy of things that can’t be edited by anyone else – whether that is birthday emails from your friends and family, important work transactions, or plane tickets for your upcoming vacation.

Many people are under the assumption that switching email providers is a time-consuming task, but it doesn’t have to be.

We make it simple for new customers to bring their history with them into Fastmail. You can easily import your emails, calendar events, and contacts anytime, even during your 30-day free trial!

If you are thinking of migrating to Fastmail from a provider that supports exporting via MBOX, simply download the MBOX file from your pre-existing provider and import a copy of your mail into your Fastmail account by going to the Settings → Import & Setup screen. Before you know it, your mail will be ready to view in your Fastmail account. As an added bonus, you can also ask us to keep bringing in new mail as it arrives.

Why Fastmail?

Fastmail is an affordable alternative to other email providers. Starting at just $3 per month, you get access to fast, reliable, private email that provides all the functionality you need to do business. Additionally, you’ll never have to worry about intrusive, creepily personalized ads with Fastmail because we will never collect or sell your personal data to advertisers.

Email is our only focus. Fastmail is committed to our customers, so we offer private email, calendars, and contacts in one convenient app. We also work hard to combine industry-leading security with the productivity features that help you get through your email faster, like scheduled send, custom swipes, and the ability to choose between labels and folders.

Private Email With More Features at a Better Price

Private email is becoming more popular, and with more options, customers get more choices. Wherever you come to Fastmail from, we want you to be able to keep your email history.

Fastmail provides all the privacy and functionality of other providers like ProtonMail and HEY, but with some significant differences.

Fastmail and Protonmail both offer private email, but comparable plans don’t provide all the same features. Users coming from Protonmail tell us they love saving money with all the aliases and domains that are included with their Fastmail account. While your email is secure with both providers, Fastmail provides superior flexibility.

There are also many similarities between Fastmail’s and HEY’s private email services, but there are stark differences between comparable plans (Fastmail’s Standard plan at $5 per user per month and HEY for Domains at $12 per user per month). HEY’s plan simply has far fewer features—there is no calendar, and it only allows 1 domain per account. Additionally, HEY doesn’t allow you to migrate your emails, so when you start with HEY you have no email history and no threads to refer/respond to.

Migrating to Fastmail Has Never Been Easier!

It has never been easier to move your mail into Fastmail, so what are you waiting for?

With more features and functionality for the price, Fastmail is the clear choice among private email providers. And it’s easy to migrate your email!

Get the best service at the best price, and sign up for a free 30-Day trial today!

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