Find Your Favorite Features for Group Email in Topicbox

Listbox is passing the baton to our newest product, Topicbox, for group email.

Since 1996 when we first launched Listbox, our product for group discussions and simple newsletters, we’ve learned a lot about how to make better email products for you and your team. We know you’ll find our new product, Topicbox, incredibly thoughtful and efficient for group email. This is why we’re saying goodbye to Listbox on March 1, 2019, to focus our group email energy on Topicbox.

We introduced Topicbox this year. It incorporates many of the same features that Listbox users love, like one email address to contact a whole group. Users will experience a tremendous upgrade through modern team communication features and improved design.

Topicbox makes messages easier to find and use, and puts the flow of messages into the hands of the people who receive it. Here are a few examples of how Topicbox helps organizations.

Team members can

  • Start groups to help them collaborate on a team, project, or client
  • Control access to share with their entire team or only invited members
  • Join or remove groups as they work on various projects
  • Get a break from constant alerts and chats
  • Move less urgent discussions to a daily summary
  • Increase cross-team understanding and knowledge by reading discussions shared to their whole organization
  • Locate information quickly in a central dashboard and organization-wide search
  • Share messages with their team that would otherwise be locked in one person’s inbox

We’ve also created this helpful migration guide as we migrate customers from Listbox to Topicbox. Listbox users who haven’t yet migrated can contact us to start the process.

We’re so excited about what Topicbox has to offer, but for current Listbox newsletter and marketing customers, we know other services can better meet their needs. Email marketing customers will receive our support migrating to other providers.

On March 1, Listbox will sign off, but for those migrating to Topicbox, everything will be waiting for you there. Enjoy your upgrade!

Interested in Topicbox for your organization? Try it free for one month!

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