The FastMail referral program

When you refer users who sign up to FastMail, we will add a credit to your account as a token of our thanks. These credits go towards your future renewal payments.

Earning credits

To earn referrer credits, go to the Advanced → Referral Status screen to find an affiliate URL. This is a URL you can put on your website, blog, or give to friends. When people click on it and then sign up, your account will automatically be used as the referrer account.

You can also download this FastMail banner for use with your affiliate URL.

The credit we give you depends on the plan the new user signs up for:

We don't currently pay a credit for Lite accounts, or any Family or Business accounts. This may change in the future, and if it does, we will make sure any existing referred signups will be noted and paid accordingly.

Referrer credit payments are made at the end of each month, so don't expect credits to appear immediately after someone signs up.

If a user upgrades later, you'll earn the difference in credit for their upgrade. For instance, if someone you refer signs up as a Full, then at the end of the month you'll get $3.00; if a few months later they upgrade to Enhanced, you'll earn another $3.00 (i.e. the difference between the Full and Enhanced referrer payments).

You can see how many users you have referred at each level on the the Advanced → Referral Status screen. Due to privacy reasons, we can only show the number of users at each level; we can't tell you their account names.

Redeeming credits as cash

If you've earned over $50 of referrer credits, we're happy to transfer the credits as cash to your PayPal account. Just contact our support team with details of your FastMail account name, your PayPal account name, and how much you'd like paid out from your account balance. We are unable to support any other way of paying out referrer credits.