Changes to shared folders

The JMAP platform changes a great deal about how shared folders are created and operated. This help page details the differences between the old sharing system and the current system, introduced in 2018.

About the changes

Folder sharing has been greatly simplified on the new interface.

Folders can now be shared from the moment of creation, directly from the Settings → Folders screen. Sharing permissions have been simplified into three categories:

For details on how these permissions relate to the old permissions, see Permission changes.

Users can now view and edit settings for shared folders directly in the Settings → Folders screen.

Permission changes

In most cases, the permissions will be updated as follows:

Old permissionsNew permissions
  • l
  • r
  • s
Only view
  • w
  • i
  • t
  • e
  • n
Make changes
  • a
  • k
  • x
Make changes and share

See information about shared mail and mail clients.