Shared Mail

Note: We have recently made improvements to how shared folders are managed. For details on the changes, please see Changes to shared folders on JMAP.

About sharing

Share mail folders between all or some users in your account.

For people in a business, this might provide easy coordination of job applicants, or sales enquiries. For family members, this might allow for easier sharing of communication over upcoming events.

The folder owner has control over who can see shared mail, so your private data remains private.

All messages within a shared folder count towards the owner's mail quota.

How to share a folder

Anyone can share a folder and set who they'd like to share with.

  1. Go to Settings → Folders.
  2. Click Edit on the folder you want to share, or create a New Folder. Click "Show advanced preferences".
  3. Choose the sharing permissions you would like the other user to have, and then type the users you would like to share with into the box.

Sharing a folder

Folders are now shared directly from the Settings → Folders screen, without going through a third screen. Any folder can be shared by clicking Edit, and new folders can now be shared when they are created.

Folder sharing has been simplified, with three main settings for permissions:

For details on how these permissions relate to the old permissions, see Permission Changes.

Owners of a shared folder can now choose between two global settings: if anyone reads a message it's marked read for everyone, or messages are unread for each person until they read it. Like all other shared folder settings, this can be toggled in the Settings → Folders screen.

Users who own shared folders can see these folders listed in Settings → Folders by default. For users who have a folder shared with them, but do not own the folder, there is a drop down option at the top right of the Settings → Folders screen. Choosing an account from the drop down list shows the list of folders that user has shared.

You can make folder sharing changes globally for a list of folders by clicking on the checkboxes for the folders you wish to change sharing settings for, then clicking Edit.

Changing and removing permissions

If you'd like to change or remove some permissions for a user, click the permissions listed next to their email address, and choose a new set of permissions from the drop down box. You can also remove sharing altogether by clicking Remove.

Once sharing permissions have been removed for all users, the folder will no longer be shared.

Troubleshooting: shared mail and clients

See information about shared mail and mail clients.