Migrate your calendar to Fastmail

Had enough of multiple notifications? Want to keep your calendar and mail in one convenient location? Migrate your external calendars onto Fastmail.

Export calendar data from old provider

Migrate via Fastmail CalDAV

If you already have your external calendars synchronised via CalDAV with Fastmail, this option is for you.

  1. Go to the Import & Setup menu. For each calendar you want to migrate, select it from the Calendar list and download the file. (More detailed instructions here).
  2. Remove the synchronization link to the external calendar by going to Settings → Calendars. You can then either remove the account (which will remove all calendars syncing on that account), or by clicking Edit & Share on your chosen calendar and then removing just that one.

You will now have a calendar file on your computer in an iCAL (.ics) format.

Migrate via external source

If you don't have your external calendar integrated with Fastmail, this option is for you.

You need to manually export your events from the external provider. Here are instructions for exporting calendar data from common providers:

If your provider doesn't have an option to export all your data to a file, you can synchronise your calendar via CalDAV to Fastmail, then follow the steps above.

You will now have a calendar file on your computer in an iCAL (.ics) format, ready to be imported to Fastmail.

Import calendar data into Fastmail

  1. Import your calendar using the Import & Setup menu to bring it into Fastmail. Select the file you downloaded earlier. (More detailed instructions on importing here)
  2. Remove any synchronisation links from your phone or tablet for the old calendar source, and add them for the Fastmail calendar version instead.

Once migration is complete

Multiple notifications

If you want to avoid getting multiple notifications, disable or delete the original calendar at its source, as it will continue to send out notifications, as well as notifications from the imported calendar at Fastmail.

Events with attendees can't be updated

For any events that have attendees (either because you've invited others to your event, or you are marked as an attendee to someone else's event), note that you will not be able to update these events as the calendaring system can't verify that you are the owner/organiser of the event after migration.

Likewise, any updates to those events (changes in RSVPs or updates to day/time/location) will be sent to your old calendar email address. While these updates may be sent through to Fastmail (if you have forwarding or a fetch identity configured), you won't be able to update the events they belong to.

Workarounds: for events you are attending, ask the organiser for a new invite to be sent to your Fastmail account.

For events where you are the organiser, delete the old event and recreate it from within Fastmail. This will send out new emails to all your invitees, from your new address.

Having problems?

Check out our calendar troubleshooting guide.