How to set up your phone, tablet or desktop

You can set up your FastMail account to sync with almost all desktop email/calendar clients and mobile apps. Follow the links below for detailed instructions on how to set up the most popular apps.

If you already know how to set up your app, our page of server names and ports has the details you need.

Mobile app

If you have an iPhone, iPad, iPod or Android device, we recommend the official FastMail app.

Please note that your battery life may be affected if your mobile device is set to fetch new data frequently. If you know your contacts or your calendar don't change very often, you may wish to configure these to an infrequent update, or even manual only.


Other apps

If the app you want to use is not listed above, you'll have to check its documentation on how to set up an IMAP/CalDAV/CardDAV account. You may need the information on our server names and ports page if it can't discover the correct settings automatically. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer technical assistance with other clients; please contact the vendor directly.

Calendar limitations

If you use CalDAV for calendar access, please note that currently creating an event with invitations will NOT send invitation emails to the invited attendees. This is a planned future feature. For now, we recommend you use the FastMail web interface or FastMail app to create events with invitations, as these do correctly send invitation emails to the invited attendees.