Contact Groups

Contact groups let you organise related people in your address book. These groups can then be used in a few places to make managing your mail and events easier. A contact can belong to more than one group.

How to create a group

  1. Open the Settings → Contacts screen.
  2. Give the group a name.
  3. Click the "Create Group" button.

You will now see the group appear when you go to the Contacts screen.

Managing contacts in a group

Contacts can be added and removed from a group on the Contacts screen.

To add: Search or select one or more contacts from a contact list (either all contacts, or from a search, or from another group), select "Groups" from the action bar and select the group you want to add your set of contacts to.

To remove: As for adding, but de-select the group you want to remove the contacts from. Do not use the "Delete" button: this will delete the contact.

Where groups can be used

Email a group

When composing a new email, instead of sending it to a contact, you can send it to a group. Type the group's name in the To, CC or BCC field and it will insert all contacts in the group.

Invite a group to a calendar event

When creating or editing a Calendar event, you can invite attendees by group. Doing so adds each contact individually and will email them an invitation.

Use a group in a distribution list alias

Mails to a distribution list alias must be sent to a group.