Guide to the new interface

Welcome to the new Fastmail interface, based on JMAP! We have made a large number of improvements which are detailed below.

New features








Removed features


Known issues

Android users

The old version of the Android app v1.07.08 does not work with JMAP. You must upgrade to v1.07.10.

If your password or two-step verification is rejected after the upgrade, try force-quitting the app. If that doesn't work, you may need to clear your cache and log back in again.

What is JMAP?

This version changes how the Fastmail web interface talks to the server, basing it on a new standard called JMAP.

Fastmail is proud to have led the development of this new standard, based on our years of experience with email. We believe in open standards, which are given as much review as possible from experts around the world for greater transparency, rather than proprietary changes which try to lock users in to a single vendor.

JMAP is a modern standard that sets out how mail clients should talk to mail servers, to take advantage of how humanity’s use of the internet has changed in the years since email was first invented. It recognises that these days email is often done from mobile devices or through websites.

We first wrote about JMAP at the end of 2014 and the standard is now very close to being ratified.