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For you, not advertisers

You get 100% of our efforts and expert support when you need it.

Your data is always private

Email holds the details of your life. Here, your story is protected, not monetized.

You get more done

Thoughtful and speedy email, calendars, and contacts;
all ad-free.

Built with you in mind,
you’ll love our intelligent features

  • Apps for phone and tablet
  • Superior spam blocking
  • Custom you@yourdomain
  • Full featured calendars
  • Swift, thoughtful interface
  • Easy-to-use email import tool

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Free yourself from big tech and
make the independent choice

Internet companies use your data as a way to get rich. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Reclaim control and get a
private email experience.

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“I use Fastmail because it’s super fast and cares deeply about privacy and doing the right thing.”

Dan Stowell
Head of Engineering at Canopy

“Fastmail rocks! It’s secure, private, independent, and has a Gmail transfer tool. You won’t regret this move.”

Vicky Brasseur
Open source expert and author

“I test drove several services, but settled on Fastmail years ago and I couldn’t be happier. I use it for my entire family, as well as a separate plan for my business.”

Jason Attas
Private investigator

It’s easy to move over your mailbox.

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Free email has a cost

Stop paying for email
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Plans start from $3/month

Free email Fastmail
You first No Yes
Private mailbox No Yes
Complete data control No Yes
No tracking No Yes
No ads or targeting No Yes
Expert support No Yes

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