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Ghost of Advent blog posts past
25 Dec 2023 Company

Many years ago, on December 25th, 2015, I wrote a blog post.

Partial outage on 30 June 2023
06 Jul 2023 Advanced

A partial network outage occurred at Fastmail on June 30th, 2023. Most did not notice, but it was severe for the directly affected 3-5% of our customers.

Fastmail Joins the Call to Ban Surveillance-Based Advertising

Surveillance-based advertising is everywhere on the internet. It's bad for consumers, it erodes trust in businesses, and Fastmail believes it should be banned.

Choose Email for Remote Productivity

As many of us do our work remotely, email keeps us connected, happy, and productive.

Our CEO, Bron Gondwana, on Fastmail Today

In our final blog post for the year, Fastmail’s CEO reflects on our achievements during this 20th year of the company, and looks forward to the future.

Undo Send Saves the Day When You Hit Send Too Fast

Undo send lets you cancel a sent email if you'd like to take it back immediately.

JMAP Open Standard for Email Moves Forward

JMAP, a modern, open protocol that provides a better email experience, is nearly an official standard and in use by many of our customers.

Fastmail’s 2018 in Review

Fastmail’s CEO discusses our work to ensure customer privacy, expand capacity, and lead positive shifts in internet protocols.

Sent to the Australian Department of Home Affairs on September 8, 2018. For more information around this submission, see our September 2018 and December 2018 posts about the bill. To whom it may concern, FastMail Pty Ltd is an Australian company, headquartered in Melbourne, and providing hosted internet email and related services to individuals and […]

08 Aug 2018 Company

FastMail was not available for the vast majority of our customers for nearly 3 hours on August 1st due to a network equipment failure at our primary datacentre. We are taking actions to reduce the risk and impact of similar failures in future.

24 May 2018 Legal & Policy

The European Union and the United Kingdom have been leaders in writing regulations to protect something we've long known you value – your personal information and privacy. We talked about the basics of GDPR protection last month; now it's time to talk about what's changing.

What  personal data means and how  companies use it
24 Apr 2018 Legal & Policy

Following on from December’s blog post our executive team has been hard at work for the past few months making preparations for the upcoming GDPR. Current customers, no matter where you are located, should expect to receive notices soon about changes.