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The great thing about IMAP is that all your email is stored centrally on the FastMail servers.  The biggest advantage is that you can see your Inbox, Sent, and other folders from any location.  This includes the web interface, your favorite email program or mobile device.   Unfortunately, some email applications don’t have great support […]

FastMail has a great feature called personalities.  This is especially useful if your FastMail account is receiving email for multiple domains.   Unfortunately, Apple’s iPhone and iPodTouch don’t make this capability easy to take advantage of. Fortunately, this is easy to fix.  The latest iPhone firmware (version 3.x) makes this even simpler due to the […]

One of the strengths of FastMail is our Junk Mail protection system.  We used a multi-layered approach.  We’ve learned over our 10 years that there is no single solution to solve the junk mail problem.  Fortunately, this is very easy to manage and control.  Every FastMail account has the ability to learn about mail you […]