COVID-19 Update: Fastmail Is Here for You

COVID-19 is changing the world as we know it. In this time of uncertainty, you can count on email to keep you connected.

With everything going on, one thing you don’t need to worry about is your Fastmail service. We’re taking care of you and our team by working remotely from four continents. You can still depend on reliable service, quality products, and round-the-clock customer support.

Virtual tools are crucial now that we’re social distancing. Email allows you to do business and talk to loved ones. Calendars can structure a new daily routine. Contacts, notes, and files keep essential information close at hand.

We’re keeping you up and running

We’re doing our part to contain the spread of COVID-19 by asking our employees to work from home, and we’ve moved all our meetings online. Our employees benefit from comprehensive healthcare coverage for them and their families, a healthy work-life balance, and plenty of paid sick leave. (Sound good to you? We’re hiring).

These measures ensure we’re always working at our fullest human capacity, to bring you the best, most stable email service and top of the line products.

We’re leading with our values

You’re likely feeling extra stress about many things right now. We want to assure you that as our customer, you are at the center of everything we do. Email is one thing you can leave to us.

Reach out to our customer support, and you can expect timely, helpful assistance. Access your account on your desktop, phone, or tablet and enjoy fully functioning, connected tools.

We’re ready for future challenges

We’ve been working towards adapting to a changing world for some time. As we move forward together, we see email as an essential business. Now more than ever, you need connection and support.

Long ago, we decided to be the human alternative for email. It’s moments like this that we see we made the right choice. We promise to bring you thoughtful privacy-focused products, and service that provides connection, resilience, and support.

We’re committed to keeping you up and running and feeling good about your email. Stay safe and healthy out there!

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