Fastmail acquires Pobox and Listbox

We’re delighted to announce today that Fastmail has acquired the email services Pobox and Listbox.

Fastmail will continue to operate Pobox – which provides email forwarding, filtering and domains services – and email service provider (ESP) Listbox as normal, with no significant changes planned for the immediate future.

As one of the few email providers older than Fastmail, we have always had a great respect for the Pobox team’s excellent service and deep understanding of email. Our teams share similar philosophies, and we look forward to bringing that talent on board to help drive new research and development in email hosting and associated services in the future.

The Pobox customer-first approach makes a very good fit for Fastmail, and our interface and apps will provide a better experience for their Mailstore customers. The Pobox mail service will also benefit from Fastmail’s existing server infrastructure, with its impressive reliability, redundancy and security.

Fastmail is a wholly privately owned business headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. It was founded by Rob Mueller and Jeremy Howard in 1999 and is the choice of businesses and professional email users around the world.

A press release regarding this acquisition is available for media use.

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