Power Up Your Productivity With Our Calendar Features

Search your calendar and find what you need fast. Calendar views let you see your life by day, week, and month.

Fastmail’s built-in calendars help you use your time wisely. Just like your email, our calendars are full-featured, offering a powerful and accurate search and various views that help you see the full picture of your life.

Your calendars are available on mobile to help you be productive while staying connected. With Fastmail’s commitment to privacy, your calendar data is just as private as your email. Here are a few more ways they are working for you.

Search your calendar to find what you need faster

We’re excited to launch this feature that has been frequently requested: a search bar so intuitive, you’ll swear it’s been there all along! A search bar now hovers in the top right corner of the calendar screen to fetch accurate results for you.

Results are so speedy they begin to appear as you start typing. In our web interface, a search reading panel sits on the right so that you can still see your full calendar. Scroll through results organized by month, year, and color-coded by their associated calendar.

Focus on what’s important with new views

New day and week views help you hone into what you need right now.

Overwhelmed by appointments? Take a deep breath and start day-by-day or step up to week-by-week. Fastmail calendars now offer both views to help you focus. Choose to view your week beginning on a Sunday or a Monday. Continuous scrolling helps you to see more as you need.


A great way to get the best of both is to use the tried-and-true Upcoming view. It centers you on one day, while also showing details for the next few days on the right-side panel. Scroll through the next two weeks from the focused day, to get a good preview of what’s next.


See the big picture

Our month view is still there to help you to step back. A broad perspective can provide a better sense of events over consecutive days like travel, or grasp the timeline for ongoing recurring events over periods.

Looking by month also allows you to plan. Use our new mini-calendar popup window and quickly flip through months and years to prepare for the future or look for specific dates. Use the keyboard shortcut “g,” or click on the month/year in the top left to see the mini-calendar. Click to advance, or type any date to go to that day.


Try it out for yourself

Download Fastmail’s mobile app on the Apple App Store and Google Play to experience the same calendar enhancements on Android, iPhone, or tablet with seamless automatic sync. Use our web interface to try out these new features on the big screen.

We know many people share calendars in their professional, personal, and volunteer lives, and those calendars may be hosted at another provider. We make coordinating all aspects of your life easier by letting you manage all of your other calendars through Fastmail, without having to migrate them.

Achieve a greater understanding of your world with all of your calendars brought into one searchable, easy-to-comprehend Fastmail calendar.

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Update Notice: This page was updated in 2022 to include screenshots of our new UI.

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