Fastmail Apps are Set to Uplift Your Quality of Life

App improvements, both available now and coming soon, help you get the most out of Fastmail’s power wherever you go.

Email power users know that thoughtful features make your life easier. Fastmail keeps getting better so that you get the most out of each day. You may have noticed our momentum around app enhancements, and we’re just getting out the gate.

The features below put you in control so that your email works how you want it. Grab your phone or tablet and follow along to see which of these new features has hit your Fastmail account.

Deal with emails when you want with snooze

With Fastmail apps, you’re in control — even over the moment an email arrives! Snooze an email to have it come back at a better time for you. Learn more


Undo send gives you a second chance at a better email

Have you sent an email too soon? Undo send gives you the chance to cancel an email up to 15 seconds after sending. Learn more


Multi-user support puts all your accounts in one app

You likely have an email address for home and for business. Maybe you’re using additional accounts to keep your prime email address private or filter out more spam. For however you use email, you can seamlessly manage and switch between all your accounts. Learn more


Give priority to people you care about most with VIP contacts

Quickly find mail from the people you interact with the most. A gold star helps these contacts and their messages stand out. Get notifications from only your VIPs to work with less distractions. Learn more


Notification controls to get alerts for important emails only

Set up alerts for VIP contacts, important folders, or only for mail from people you know. Notifications go from distracting to respectful with the many options you get. Learn more


Share files on your mobile device into your Fastmail app

When sharing any file from other mobile apps, such as a photo, you can make Fastmail an option in the share menu. Tap the Fastmail icon and your photo drops directly into a new email.


Take action from the lock screen

Save yourself a few screen taps and get back to emails faster. Notifications for iPhone users arrive with an action menu that let you reply, archive, or delete a message the moment you see it. Android users have enjoyed this helpful feature from the beginning.


For whatever web browser you love, you can set it to open when you tap on links in Fastmail.


Enjoy these features on your desktop and moble Fastmail apps. Access our web app by logging in on your computer. To use on mobile, download the Fastmail app for your phone and tablet on Apple App Store and Google Play.

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