Get the Best In Email: How Domenic Uses Fastmail

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Fastmail makes it easy to organize and prioritize the messages that are most important to you. Domenic, a software developer, uses Fastmail personal domains, aliases, folders, labels, and more. Read on to learn how Domenic gets the most out of his Fastmail inbox and why he switched from Gmail.

What are your favorite Fastmail features, and what purpose do you use them for?

My favorite Fastmail feature is definitely personal domains. The ability to use my own domain names and create as many aliases for as many domains as I want makes my workflow so efficient.

I chose the Dark theme, and using the customizable colors and buttons is incredible. It’s great that Fastmail allows me to choose how I want my email client to look (and it does look beautiful 😊).

Email and calendaring are done well and feel very easy to use. It was a breeze to import all of my emails from my Gmail and set up a connection to send and receive emails via the Fastmail interface.

How do you maintain your workflow?

I use Fastmail Rules to help categorize my incoming emails into a folder structure. The rules engine is powerful enough to perform all the options I need: move emails, delete emails, set follow-up flags, etc.

I pin all the important emails that I need to take further action on. Those emails appear at the top of my Inbox until I have dealt with them. This allows me to immediately see what items I need to follow up on, or messages that are awaiting a response.

Fastmail is email for people created by people. With endless possibilities for personalizing your workflow and an expert support team available at any time, it’s easy to get better email today. Try Fastmail free for 30 days!

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