“I Hate Email”: What You Can Do About It

We understand just how stressful checking your email can be on top of all of your other responsibilities. Turn email from something you hate into something you love with Fastmail: email designed to alleviate that daunting feeling when you open your inbox.

I Hate Email

Email is that handy place where every part of your life is stored. It’s crazy to think how much you can learn about a person from their inbox: shopping receipts, photos, work correspondence, invitations, newsletters, and so on.

Email has become the foundation of our online identities. New connections are made through email daily, each account you make online is linked to your email address, and years’ worth of important information is saved in your inbox. This groundbreaking means of communication has become a requirement in society, and this obligation makes your email account feel more like a burden than a helpful system. You hate email, but you need it.

Common Reasons You May Hate Email

You may dread opening up your message box for a host of reasons, the task of sorting through hundreds of messages a week can feel daunting. As all the messages appear, your notifications are constantly pinging. An overcrowded inbox makes it easy to miss important messages. You can never seem to find what you’re looking for, you’re inundated with promotional emails from brands you purchased from that one time, and you’re worried about the possibility of your data being breached at any moment. This information overload is always lurking in the background when you’re trying to unwind.

We are here to tell you that email doesn’t have to be that inevitable nuisance that brings constant stress to your day. There are ways to upgrade your inbox, and you have a choice regarding your email.

How to Improve Your Emailing Experience

At its best, email is a tool that can help you organize your life, support your work, store your data, and make communication simple. Many email providers have lost sight of these goals. Free email is motivated to make money by sharing your data with advertisers who then flood your inbox with spam.

Fastmail is privacy focused email that puts you back in control of your email. With no ads or tracking, robust spam protection, a plethora of fantastic productivity features, and a team of email experts always available to support you; your message box becomes organized and optimized to reclaim your time and peace of mind.

Dealing with an email service that you hate? Fastmail is the private and efficient alternative.

Improve Your Inbox Organization

An organized inbox that supports your workflow is not a fantasy with Fastmail. You can customize your inbox in countless ways to create a routine that works for you.

Labels and Folders are basic organization tools that help you compartmentalize the various messages you receive. By setting up rules and filters, your messages can be instantly moved to where you want them as they arrive without you lifting a finger. By adding color or designing a custom theme, your inbox can be a place you enjoy visiting with colors that comfort you or remind you of important tasks and information. These organization strategies are easy to implement into your workflow and instantly declutter your message box.

Increase Your Email Privacy

Maybe you have email, but you hate the lack of privacy your email service provides you. Your email address is the key to your online identity. Your personal data deserves to be protected and private. Fastmail puts privacy first, which truly allows you to make email yours.

One way to improve your email privacy is with Fastmail’s Masked Email. This feature allows you to create unique email addresses for each online account you make. This way, your actual email address is never in jeopardy of being leaked in a data breach or sold to advertising companies. Your Masked Emails’ messages are delivered to your Fastmail inbox with no fuss.

Another great way to protect your email privacy is to create unique passwords for the accounts you create. By using a password manager like 1Password and Bitwarden that integrate seamlessly with Fastmail, your accounts are even more secure, and your generated passwords are stored in a safe place.

Use Email Aliases

Email Aliases (also known as additional email addresses) are a way to organize how you receive messages. It is an additional email address that delivers to your primary inbox. This feature is great for businesses or users with their own domain, but a personal domain is not needed to use aliases.

For example:

For easy recognition and added organization, you can create a rule that messages sent to a certain alias appear in their folder or an automatic label!

When you create an alias, a matching identity is also created, so you can send and receive messages from the same address.

Create Custom Swipes

Custom swipes make it nearly impossible to hate email on mobile. They allow you to quickly act on messages and organize your inbox with a swipe. Like many other Fastmail features, swipes are customizable, so you can choose a function that best suits your workflow.

Whether short or long swiping or from left to right, plenty of options dictate the fate of your messages. You can archive, delete, move to a folder, label, snooze, and more. For an extra pop of color, you can customize your swipe color to compliment your chosen inbox theme.

Integrate Email With Your Apps

Fastmail is not just for emailing. Fastmail has a built-in calendar and contacts, and it’s easy to integrate your existing applications into Fastmail.

Start Loving Email Again With Fastmail

Fastmail turns email from something you hate into something you love. With Fastmail, email is efficient, private, and a productive part of your daily routine. No more wincing at the sight of your inbox, no more fear of hackers and data breaches, and no more feeling overwhelmed by email. You can choose your email provider and how you run your workflow. Your inbox says a lot about you, and it’s time to make email yours with Fastmail!

Upgrade your inbox now! The first 30 days are free.

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