Fastmail Referral Program

Here at FastMail we love how vocal our customers can be in singing our praises. It’s the ultimate compliment for all the hard work our team puts in each day trying to create the best email experience we can.

Today, in thanks for your support, we’re re-launching the FastMail Referral Program. When you refer other people to FastMail, for the first year of their subscription you get monthly credit, and
they get a 10% discount on purchases.

We hope this discount will help make it easy for your friends to see for themselves how great email can be with FastMail.

To participate, just share your personal referral link. It can be found in Settings → Referrals. Anyone who uses that link to sign up to FastMail will get the 10% discount and will contribute to your referral credit.

We also have a FastMail Referral Program help page that explains more.

As an extra thank you, if you have already been using the referral link under the old referral program, we’ll be backdating the referral credit to August. If you are affected by this you’ll receive an email from us shortly.

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